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Backland Ski Boots
Description: For skiers who want top performance at an affordable price, the Atomic Backland Touring Boots were made for just that. From the Pro to the noob, this boot is perfect for all. The Free/Lock 2.0 mechanism offers huge range of mobility, the memory fit conforms to the foot for optimal comfort while still keeping the foot stable. Shred like a pro, look like a pro, maybe it's time to become a pro!

Store: Camp Saver Brand: Atomic Price: USD 649.95

Backland Carbon Light Ski Boots
Description: The brand-new Atomic Backland Carbon Light boots make touring much more efficient and a better experience for everyone - pros and rookies alike. What makes them really stand out is the way they move: they offer an impressive range of motion that feels so natural, it's epic. This is thanks to the new Free/Lock 2.0 mechanism that frees the cuff from the shell for incredible 74 degree cuff mobility. Plus a Frictionless Pivot for a super smooth movement and removable tongue for climbing.Like the leading touring boots they are super light, with the Backland Carbon Light weighing in at just 987 g. But unlike any other touring boot they're packed with Atomic all-mountain boot technology like Memory Fit to make them super comfortable. Plus a Carbon Spine for the powerful skiing you expect from any Atomic boot.

Store: Camp Saver Brand: Atomic Price: USD 899.95

Cloud 7 Ski + Lithium 10 Binding 2016
Description: Every element of the Atomic Cloud Seven has been designed to suit the way women ski,

Store: Paragon Brand: Atomic Price: USD 399.95

Cloud 9 Ski + Lithium 10 Binding 2016 - Womens
Description: The reason it's so popular is the combination of unique technologies that make it super easy to control: the Piste Rocker makes turning a breeze, while the Step Down Sidewall increases edge grip below the binding.

Store: Paragon Brand: Atomic Price: USD 599.95

Tracker 13 MNC
Description: Atomic Tracker bindings are an awesome combination of stability, terrain sensitivity and power transmission. They're built more to go down than up. But they're still a fantastic binding for both directions, with an easy hike-and-ride switch.

Store: Camp Saver Brand: Atomic Price: USD 379.95

Backland FR 117 Skis
Description: The Atomic Backland FR 117 is the fattest Backland FR - our new series of freeride powder chargers. Backland FR is the successor to our Automatic series created with freeride pros Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Dana Flahr. This top model has a 117 mm waist, Carbon Backbone and Powder Rocker profile. It also now features revolutionary HRZN Tech in the tip for more surface area and even better floatation. It's stiff enough for aggressive skiing on deep storm days or shredding Big Mountain spines. It delivers on harder snow thanks to the camber underfoot. And in comparison to Automatic, we've made Backland FR even lighter without sacrificing stability, thanks to a Light Woodcore. This also makes them awesome Freeride Touring skis: great for reaching those best spots - boot packing or skinning.

Store: Camp Saver Brand: Atomic Price: USD 699.99

Vantage X 75CTI Ski + 12 17 Binding 2017
Description: The brand-new Atomic Vantage X 75 CTI is an all-mountain system ski with a thinner 75mm waist for harder groomed pistes. It's part of tje exciting new lightweight Vantage X range,

Store: Paragon Brand: Atomic Price: USD 599.95

Vantage X 80CTI Ski With + 13 17 Binding 2017
Description: The Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI is part of our new lightweight system ski series with the perfect blend of piste power and all-mountain agility

Store: Paragon Brand: Atomic Price: USD 799.95

Nomad LF Helmet
Description: Featuring Live Fit, this is one of our best-selling ski helmets and the perfect all-rounder for all-mountain skiers.

Store: Paragon Brand: Atomic Price: USD 139.95

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