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Competition Elect Prochrono Digital USB Interface
Description: Get every piece of information on your projectiles performance by linking your Competition Electronics ProChrono Chronograph to your Windows PC via USB remote so you can collect every necessary piece of reloading data. Multifunction control panel serves as the switchboard for all your chronographs functions and data collected. Connect multiple graphs to your computer to validate data collected. Last-velocity large display shows all velocity data on your computer screen. Export your shooting data to spreadsheet programs for easy logging. Create a shot string graph for field reference. Includes PCRemote and necessary software programs. Type: Chronographs.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 49.99

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer
Description: The refined Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer measures shot time intervals for personal practice sessions and for scoring matches. User-friendly design has all the features you want and has set the standard for shot timers. Small size fits in your hand and features a large 1.5 x 2 backlit display thats easy to read. Intuitive menu and navigation. 1kHZ start button frequency transmits clearly through hearing protection. Large clothespin-style belt clip fits over your shooting belt, positioning the display so you can read it. Features 99-shot capacity, 199.9-second par time limit and 199.99-second maximum time. Requires one 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) for approximately 20 hours of operation. Manufacturers two-year warranty. Made in USA. 1.5H x 3W x 5D. Wt: 5.5 oz. Type: Timers.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 129.99

Competition Electronics Indoor LED Light Kit - Clear
Description: Improve visibility for optimum chronograph performance for indoor or low-light conditions with the Competition Electronics Indoor LED Light Kit. Easy to set up, just mount light arcs and connect to a power source. The patented design eliminates the need for light bulbs. Works with all Prochrono models. 120-volt AC adapter included. Red LED indicator lights. Color: Clear. Type: Light Kits.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 79.99

Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph
Description: Digital chronograph Large 4-digit LCD readout 21-7000 fps measurement Meters per second (mps) or feet per second (fps) readout Stores 9 shot strings with up to 99 shots each in power down memory Review each velocity and shot string data Records average velocity, standard deviation and extreme spread Delete individual shots or entire string with the touch of a button Serial data connection port for use with remote accessories 32-100 deg. F operating temperature range 250 mSec to 500 mSec time between shots 750 nSec crystal-controlled shot timing resolution +/-1% or better accuracy of measured velocity 1/4"x20 mounting hole thread 3/16"x16" guide wire size 16"x4"x3.25" 15 mAh power consumption On/off switch Uses one 9V alkaline battery (not included) There are lots of optional accessories you can get to customize your Competition Electronics ProChrono digital chronograph. The accuracy of this chronograph is so well-respected in the shooting industry, that this chronograph is used for the record in Bianchi Cup events. Use the ProChrono chronograph to measure the velocities of your airguns, firearms and airsoft guns. It can do it all!

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 131.99

Competition Electronics Bluetooth Adapter - Digital Link For ProChrono Digital Chronograph
Description: Bluetooth Adapter Offers Wireless Connection for your ProChrono Digital Chronograph Works with Android and newer Apple devices (iPad4 or newer and iPhone4s or newer) FREE app is available for download from devices App Store (Android "Play Store" and Apple "App Store") Control your chronograph with a phone or tablet Collect, view and export data wirelessly from up to 50 feet away Statistics and weather data Small unit mounts to the chronograph and connects to the data port Power and connect status LEDs Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation The Digital Link from Competition Electronics takes velocity measurement to a new level. Add the Bluetooth module to your ProChrono Digital for a wireless connection to mobile devices.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 71.99

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer
Description: Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer: The Pocket Pro II timer is an easy to use instrumnet for measuring shot time intervals and is well suited for personal practice or scoring matchesIt fits nicely in your hand with the start button on the sideThe powerful 105dB buzzer transmits well through hearing protectionThere is a separate shot sensor and buzzer for best performanceThe large buttons are positioned with enough space for big handsThe intuitive menu and navigation is easy to learn and rememberThe device automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivitiyThe large clothespin style belt clip fits over your shooting beltIt is powered by one 9V alkaline battery, that is not included, for approximately 20 hours of use3 configuartions of displayGray

Store: Walmart US Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 105.88

Competition Electronics Debris Shield, Fits ProChrono Chronographs
Description: Debris shield Clear Lexan cover Covers the front & top of any ProChrono chronograph Incl. guide wires to secure shield Accidents happen, so be proactive and protect the display and top of your ProChrono digital chronograph with this Lexan debris shield.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 16.74

Competition Electronics Digital Remote, Fits ProChrono Chronographs
Description: Digital remote Works with all ProChrono digital chronographs Connects to Windows computers via the serial port Download shot velocities and statistics to your PC via HyperTerminal in Windows* (A serial-to-USB converter can be used for newer PCi 1/2 s without a serial port) Caches up to 10 keypress commands and remembers them, executing them in order for maximum operational convenience Busy/low battery/power on indicator to show the status of the PC remote Cancel feature to abort commands in process Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included) For use with Prochrono digital chronographs Incl. 25-ft 3.50mm stero cable to extend the remote to your shooting bench Built-in wireless infrared link that interfaces to the optional HP82240B thermal printer for printing statistics and shot velocities for each shot string (DB9 serial output, 1200 bits/second) 32-100F temp range 4.50"x3.25"x1.50" Approximately 20mAh power consumption Made in USA To determine if your computer can hook up to the remote unit, read the owner's manual available on this page *You can use this with Macintosh or Linux computers, but you'll need to get a terminal program specifically designed to use with those operating systems. The Digital Remote is a compact device that allows complete control of the ProChrono Digital Chronograph up to 25 feet away. This item does not have a remote display.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 107.99

Competition Electronics Digital USB Interface, Fits ProChrono Chronographs
Description: Digital USB interface Fits all ProChrono digital chronographs Works with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 operating systems Measure velocities from multiple ProChrono digital chronographs with one PC Control panel handles all chronograph functions Read velocities from each shot string Calculate ammo, power factor & ft-lbs Export shot data & statistics to CSV and other delimited formats for use in spreadsheet programs On-screen graph of velocity strings Uses a USB computer port for a wired connection to the chronograph Computer keyboard is necessary but the mouse is optional Incl. USB adapter interface, 25-ft connection cable & program CD What a great way to string together several chronographs to quickly gather data! Especially useful for matches where maximum velocities are enforced, such as field target events.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Competition Electronics Price: USD 59.94

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