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Earth Therapeutics Gardener's Hand Repair Protective Conditioner, 6 oz
Description: From The Greenhouse A natural Gardener s blend of purest plant extracts, soothing, therapeutic Oatmeal, and super-emollient Shea Butter form a systemic barrier that form a systemic barrier that moisturizes heals dry, damaged skin - while protecting from nature s harsh elements. Alpha-hydroxy acids also help smooth out and minimize the appearance of skin s roughness. Vegetarian Standard Shea Butter - Oatmeal - Alpha-Hydroxy Complex Not tested on animals Environmental caring Therapeutic Conditioning Treatment Moisturizes, repairs, and protects dry, damaged skin. This treatment is made of the finest ingredients. Product of USA

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 8.49

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Body Sponge, 1 ea
Description: Colors May Vary For gentle cleansing, get back to basics with the exfoliating body sponge. Designed to build a rich lather, even with a small amount of soap, this sponge is the key to better health and hygiene.

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 5.00

Earth Therapeutics Green Tea Herbal Soap, 4.2 oz
Description: Antioxidant Skin Defense For All Skin Types Not Tested on Animals Save - Recycle Environmental Caring Green tea is a natural antioxidant that helps to protect skin from the aging and damaging effects of free radicals. Enriched with green tea and antioxidant vitamins, this herbal rice bran formula purifies and exfoliates skin - while helping to guard against the daily wearand tear inflicted by nature and time. Skin looks and feels fresh, smooth and health. Derived from organic green tea, this formula contains a special skin-saving antioxidant complex made of green tea polyphenols and vitamins C E. True to Life

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 6.00

Earth Therapeutics Clari-T, Pore Cleansing Strips, 10 ea
Description: Mind-Body-Soul rx3 S-P-A Clarifying Tea Tree Pore cleansing strips Refines and deep cleans the pores on the nose. Organic Tea Tree purifies on contact. Contains10 nose strips. The Deep Clean: Skin with clogged pore is moistened with water. Apply strip. As it dries, strip binds up the dirt from the pore. Peel off the strip and pull away the impurities. Earth Therapeutics Clari-T pore cleansing nose strips are specially formulated to bind up and pull away pore-clogging dirt and impurities from the skin. And enhanced with organic Tea Tree essence - a natural purifier - these strips not only deep clean skin, but further refine the pores to reveal a cleaner, healthier, more radiant complexion. Dermatologist Tested. Hypo-Allergenic. Not tested on animals. Vegan

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 7.20

Earth Therapeutics Natural Body Brush, 1 ea
Description: 100% Pure Bristle. For those hard-to-get-at-places. With it s long handle, this pure bristle body brush is especially good for cleaning the back. Totally cleans and revitalizes, leaving skin softer and healthier looking. Not tested on animals.

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 7.00

Earth Therapeutics Soothing Beauty Mask, 1 ea
Description: For Cooling Tension Relief A safe and effective alternative to conventional headache remedies. Reduces Puffiness Soothes + Comforts Relaxes Tired Eyes Adjustable Strap Fits All Head Sizes Authentic Gel Based Formula Feel The Difference Specially designed with our exclusive authentic Gel bas, the Soothing Beauty Mask goes beyond traditional prolongs and maximizes the therapeutic gel formulation prolongs and maximizes the therapeutic benefits of the mask by harmonizing with the body s natural temperature flow - to soothe, relax, and invigorate. The Soothing Beauty Mask has an adjustable velcro fastener to fit all head sizes. Authentic GEL base is non-toxic. Not tested on animals. Environmental caring. Save Recycle. True To Life Product of China

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 7.29

Earth Therapeutics Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery Patch, 5 ea
Description: Mind-Body-Soul rx3 S-P-A Anti-Oxidant Skin Defense May help reduce the appearance or fine lines and wrinkles. Green Tea contains organic anti-oxidant polyphenols that help to protect skin from the aging and damaging effects of free radicals. Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Complex (Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin E) smoothes, protects, and conditions the skin. Accelerates skin cell renewal and prevents skin cell damage. Aloe Vera naturally soothes and hydrates. Cucumber naturally helps to ease puffiness and swelling. Chamomile naturally comforts and relieves. Contains 5 pairs ofrecovery patches. Consisting of nutrient-enriched gel sheet layered on a soft cloth patch, these unique treatment strips stay positioned on the face to offer a clean, convenient, one-step process for soothing, replenishing, rejuvenating delicate skin around the eyes. Enriched with a beneficial ble

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 9.60

Earth Therapeutics Eye C U, Eye Care Unit, 1 kit
Description: Mind-Body-Soul rx3 S-P-A ina reusable storage case. Not enough sleep? Too much time in front of the computer? Hard day at work? The Eye - C - U offers some spa-intensive care in the middle of the stress, pollution, and environmental factors which take their toll on the eyes and the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Kit Includes Recover-E Cucumber Eye Pad Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pad Herba-Gel Eye Compress To revitalize tired eyes and to protect from the aging and damaging effects of free radicals and environment exposure, try on the Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads. Infused with real Orange extract, Vitamin C, and a beneficial blend of nutrients, these pre-moistened treatment pads cool and refresh on contact - offering a convenient, one-step solution for restoring and rejuvenating delicate skin around the eyes. Used regularly over time, these treatment pads help to re

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 14.40

Earth Therapeutics Feng Shui Back Brush Water, Frosted Blue, 1 ea
Description: The art and science of Feng Shui dates back over 5,000 years to ancient China. The theoretical basis of Feng Shui revolves around five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Through Feng Shui, the correct placement and arrangement of objects representing these elements balanced and optimizes the harmonious flow of qi - so as to affect personal relationships, careers, wealth, and ultimately, health. Ultimately, Feng Shui can mean different things to different people. But please note that it does not contradict any religious, cultural or traditional beliefs. Feng Shui Tidbits: Color: Blue Symbolizes: Movement and Circulation The Human Element: Water people are good communicators, persuasive, diplomatic, sensitive to the needs of others, excellent negotiators. Geomancy: Wealth and commerce requires the circulation of goods, services, money. Use the w

Store: Brand: Earth Therapeutics Price: USD 8.00

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