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KEY Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Bottoms
Description: Long johns are made from heavyweight 9-oz., 50% cotton, 50% polyester fabric that provides warmth and comfort in cold temperatures. Elastic-waistband bottoms are cuffed at ankle length. Key Industries 173.10. Imported. Specify Men's waist size from drop-down menu above.

Store: Gemplers Brand: POLAR KING Price: USD 21.30

Key Class 3 Hi-Vis Quilted Jacket
Description: Class 3 high-visibility jacket is bright yellow contrasted with 4""W orange stripes and 2""W gray reflective stripes to provide added daytime visibility. Reflective stripes cross in back for enhanced visibility from behind. Inside there is 4-oz. insulation with a needled quilt pattern. Jacket features a bi-swing back with knit gussets, exposed knit cuffs and storm flap over zipper front. Meets ANSI Class 3. Imported. Specify Men9;s chest size: S (34-36) , M (38-40) , L (42-44) , XL (46-48) , 2XL (50-52) , 3XL (54-56) or Tall L-3XL from drop-down menu above.

Store: Gemplers Brand: POLAR KING Price: USD 42.83

Polar King Men's 173 01 Black Thermal Underwear Pants
Description: Thermal underwear. Long johns. Long underwear. A rose by any other name, right? This type of garment has been around since the 17th century simply because it works. If you need an extra layer of warmth for your lower half, make sure you get a pair of these Polar King 173 01 Men's Black Cotton Blend Thermal Underwear Pants.Of course, there have been some improvements in thermal underwear design over the past 400 years, including the addition of synthetic materials to the fabric. These Polar King pants are a 9 oz. 50% cotton/50% polyester blend. Everyone from mountaineers to 5k joggers know that 100% cotton holds moisture in, weighing you down and keeping you wet and cold. But with polyester added to the blend, this fabric is lighter, dries much faster, and keeps you warm even if it gets wet. So while the rest of your family sits inside drinking hot cocoa and watching football, you can shovel your impossibly long driveway in comfort. Lucky you. Another great advancement in thermal underwear technology is the elastic waistband and ankle cuff that allows you to tuck them into your work boots. The last thing you want to do when you're working in frigid conditions is trying to hitch up your under-britches.The history of thermal workwear may be a long one, but being warm never goes out of style. So grab a pair of these Polar King 173 01 Men's Black Cotton Blend Thermal Underwear Pants.Please note higher pricing for larger sizes.Manufactured Sizes: REG: SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL TALL: MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 10.99

Polar King Toddler's Insulated 258 07 Black Cotton Duck Bib Overalls
Description: If you have a toddler who likes the outdoors, consider Polar Kingas Toddler's 258 07 Black Insulated Duck Bib Overalls. These kids overalls will provide all the freedom your child needs to move around, while ensuring they're protected from the elements.Your little one will stay nice and warm thanks to the 100% cotton 12 oz duck fabric outer shell of these Polar King Overalls. This heavy canvas material is tough enough to resist tearing and abrasions as well as wind-resistant and water-resistant. So your child can go outdoors and put these insulated overalls through all the rigors only a kid is capable of providing.These black overalls are insulated with mid-weight bonded polyester fiberfil, a material that is both lightweight and resilient. This is the perfect fabric to keep your child warm despite the weather, as it will not compress when wet and resists the growth of mildew. By combining it with a black taffeta lining, these Polar King overalls will have no issue keeping your toddler warm.Thanks to the waterproof barrier in the seat and knees, your child can spend plenty of time playing on the ground without moisture ending things early, not mention feeling ooky.With reinforced buttons on the bib, your kid can toss these kids insulated overalls on and off without you worrying about needing the sewing kit later. The chest and side pockets will give your toddler more than enough space to keep their things.If your tyke loves the outdoors, Polar Kingas Toddler's 258 07 Black Insulated Duck Bib Overalls are a perfect answer to this seasonas elements. Your little one can experience all the joys of being a child in the winter, while you breathe easily as a parent.Manufactured Sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 29.99

Polar King Men's 337 07 Black Cotton Duck Fleece Insulated Hooded Jacket
Description: Is there anything worse than working in weather that's so cold it's hard to get your work done? Not only are you uncomfortable, to say the least, but your productivity is going down. Now it'll take you even longer to get your work tasks done when all you want to do is sit on the couch and wrap your hands around a cup of hot cocoa. Why not zip up a Polar King 337 07 Men's Black Cotton Premium Fleece-Lined Hooded Jacket'Made from 100% cotton duck fabric, the 12 oz. outer shell of this Polar King jacket is soft and durable. Keeping you protected in those wet weather conditions, this heavy canvas is treated to make it water-resistant. In addition, the duck cloth of this moisture-wicking jacket is a tightly woven fabric that's breathable and provides wind- and snag-resistance as well.The wind is howling and that cold air rushes right to your head. Pull up that fleece-lined hood on this insulated jacket and get the warmth and comfort you need. Soft against your skin, fleece provides greater warmth at less weight and dries more quickly. The material is brushed which raises a fuzzy texture on the surface. This process increases this black jacket's softness and insulating potential because it creates a medium for trapping the air heated by your body. In addition to trapping air, the fleece fibers effectively wick moisture away, so you get multiple benefits from wearing fleece. As a result, this hooded jacket much softer and warmer, more comfortable to wear, breathable and silent.For easy movement and added comfort, this men's jacket has a full-gusseted, bi-swing back. The gussets are triangular inserts that are added for extra strength and durability, while deep pleats extending upward to the shoulders provide added freedom of movement when you wear this fleece-lined jacket. Featuring articulated elbows in a 4-piece sleeves construction, these sleeves allow for a bend at the elbow for extra comfort. The 2 fleece-lined front pockets of this duck jacket can provide additional warmth for your hands on those cold days. For extra storage, there are 2 interior pockets so you can conveniently carry around your belongings.To help keep the elements out and warmth in, this Polar King jacket has recessed storm cuffs to provide a snug fit. Now you'll be able to weather that storm and get the job done too. Get out of the coldness and into a Polar King 337 07 Men's Black Cotton Premium Fleece-Lined Hooded Jacket today! Please note additional pricing for larger sizes.Manufactured Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Tall: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 51.99

Polar King Brown Bark Cotton Duck Insulated Bib Overalls 276 27
Description: Go ahead and add up all the separate items of clothing you're wearing. If you need more than one hand, it's too many. In winter weather, you can slip into Polar King 276.27 Bark Brown Duck Brushed Washed Finish Insulated Bib Overalls -- instead of piling on long johns, blue jeans, undershirts and all that other mess on cold days.The dark, bark brown outer shell is made with 100%, 12 ounce cotton duck material. You'll get the soft breathability of cotton combined with the tough water-repellency of canvas-like duck. A waterproof barrier in the seat and knees protects you from chilling rain and puddles. The material has been brushed and washed for added softness. Inside, the heavyweight bonded polyester fiberfill insulation will keep you protected against the cold. Warming insulation will hold in your natural heat so winter cold can't steal it away. A heavy-duty front zipper and heavy-duty waist-to-leg zippers help you get in and out of your overalls. The double knees are durable against wear. Cleanouts make it easy to get rid of dirt and debris, because who needs to carry that around? For the stuff you do want to carry around, choose from the reinforced front pockets, dual exterior chest pockets (with zipper closures) , two interior storage pockets and the oversized, reinforced back pockets. Or maybe you'd rather use the double utility pocket on the right leg or the single utility pocket on the left? You can find places to put all your stuff inside these overalls. Scuff plants on each heel add durability to keep Polar King 276.27 Bark Brown Duck Brushed Washed Finish Insulated Bib Overalls looking great. And youall appreciate the fashion so much more when youare warm enough to think about something other than the weather.Sizes Manufactured: Short: SM-5XL Reg: SM-5XL Tall: MD-2XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 74.99

Polar King
Description: With the Polar King Saddle Brushed Fleece Lined Insulated Duck Jacket, you'll be the king of the cold. Why, you ask? Well, because you will be the one with the best protection from cold weather elements, meaning you'll be able to guard your tower much longer than all the other knights in armor. This jacket has a great design made specifically for keeping you protected from the elements, while still maintaining comfort and warmth. The 10 ounce 100% cotton duck shell is both water and stain repellant along with having a brushed/washed finish. This means the coat is not only protective, it allows for easy movement. Additionally, there is a full gusseted bi-swing back and articulated elbows with four piece sleeves so throwing snowballs at the lower lying knights will be no problem at all! The Polar King Saddle Brushed Fleece Lined Insulated Duck Jacket is designed with recessed storm cuffs and fleece lined hand warmers, which are a great advantage! They help to regain the warmth in your hands to keep those snow balls flying! Best of yet, there are two interior pockets to keep your most precious items protected. So, when you get done defeating the rest, all you have to is remove the paper from your pocket and recite the kingas speech to all! Sizes Manufactured: Regular: Small-5XL Tall: Medium-4XLHigher pricing for larger sizes

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 54.99

Polar King Men's 840 07 Thermal Lined Black Hooded Sweatshirt
Description: Can your sweatshirt stand up to the cold on its own? Cool weather clothing doesn't have to be stiff to be warm. We can prove it with this Polar King 840 07 Men's Black Heavyweight Thermal-Lined Hooded Sweatshirt. It's soft and it will fold right up, but it's also tough and warm against cool weather. The outer layer of this black hoodie is made with a 10.5 ounce fabric blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The soft cotton material used for this thermal-lined insulated sweatshirt perfectly complements the wrinkle-resisting polyester. The outer shell of this Polar King sweatshirt is made in crushed fleece construction to make it touchably soft. Inside, this zip-up hoodie is lined with an 8 ounce fabric blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester to provide softness and warmth. The hood and drawstring can be pulled right up and cinched around your head to block cold hair. The sleeves on this Polar King sweatshirt have been lined with smooth taffeta material, so you can pull your arms in and out easily. Dyed-to-match knit cuffs create snug, fray-resistant warmth. Stick your hands in the hand warmer pocket on the front of his heavyweight sweatshirt to prevent cold weather. Your gear can go in the over sized front pockets.Warmth should feel soft, shouldn't it? That is why you should try this insulated sweatshirt, the Polar King 840-07 Men's Black Heavyweight Thermal-Lined Sweatshirt says it should, and proves that it can.Sizes Available: Regular: S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL I Tall: M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 39.99

Polar King Men's Navy Blue 840 40 Thermal Lined Cotton Blend Sweatshirt
Description: Dressing in layers is a very smart idea, especially if you're going to be moving from the outdoors to your car to the indoors. But dressing in layers isn't always practical, is it? Instead of fighting your way in and out of your outer layer, zip up this Polar King 840 40 Navy Men's Heavy Weight Thermal Lined Sweatshirt instead. It's got the warmth of a sweatshirt, and the function of a jacket, because if you're going to dress for cold weather you should dress well. Speaking of dressing well, this navy blue sweatshirt is made with a 10.5 ounce outer shell in an 80% cotton/20% polyester blend. Made with an ultra soft, crushed fleece design, the outer shell feels soft to the touch. It's wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying thanks to the polyester fabric. You'll find more cotton and polyester inside. This 65%/35% cotton/poly thermal blend is designed to hold in your natural heat. The sleeves are lined with smooth taffeta, so they can easily be pulled on and off any time. Dyed-to-match knit cuffs are fray-resistant, and designed to match the rest of the jacket.No detail has been skipped. Oversized front pockets have even been added to give you storage space. This Polar King 840 40 Navy Men's Heavy Weight Thermal Lined Sweatshirt is like two layers in one, and theyare both soft and comfortable. Sizes Available: Regular: S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL I Tall: M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Polar King Price: USD 39.99

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