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Pullman-Holt Pro Spin Flat Mop System
Description: At last! A commercial quality spin mop with revolutionary hinged design for unparalleled cleaning power! Here's a spin mop that's so smartly designed & well built, it stands up to the heavy use of commercial environments. It features an 18 flat reusable mop head equipped with thousands of microfiber strands that deliver gravity-defying suction power. Plus, it has a special hinged design so it can clean floors, baseboards, stair risers and more for unparalleled versatility. No squeezing or wringing by hand. Also features commercial-sized bucket with two compartments to separate clean and dirty water and sturdy handle that makes lifting, pouring and filling a breeze.

Store: Heartland America Brand: PULLMAN HOLT Price: USD 39.99

Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber & Buffer, Model B200752.
Description: Introducing a min scrubber and polisher for home and industry. The Gloss Boss will scrub clean and polish a wide variety of hard floor surfaces including tile, marble and wood. Its commercial rated motor provides the agitation required to remove deep stains and spots from carpets. Unit comes with 2 nylon scrub brushes, 2 microfiber pads, two wide-area carpet bonnets and two felt wood floor pads. Dual counter rotating 470 rpm nylon brushes for deep-down cleaning. Motor turns on by a simple tap of foot pedal and lowering the steel handle. Lightweight (7lbs) and compact design allows cleaning in tight, congested areas. 18-foot cord for operating in large areas without changing outlets. What are you a professional? I mean you have a fancy Gloss Boss Pullman-Holt floor polisher!'' That's what your mother in law will say when she looks in your closet at this cute little lightweight floor polisher / buffer known as The Gloss Boss by Pullman-Holt, the world leader in commercial floor polishers and buffers. Lightweight at only 7 pounds, The Gloss Boss moves around the floor with ease, just grab the handle and make him your dance partner. The Gloss Boss scrubs,cleans and polishes most any hard floor surface including, but not limited to ceramic, porcelain, slate, terracotta, marble, granite tile as well as your hardwood floors! Carpet stains don't stand a chance when you're armed with the Gloss Boss, because the 2 counter rotating nylon brushes are spinning at 470 rotations per minute... So long stains! The 18 foot cord assures great coverage area and the Gloss Boss is even pretty quiet! All this, from one of the lowest online priced websites with 60 day returns and expert service just a call away at GoVacuum! Making the Gloss Boss hard to say no to, doesn't it? The Gloss Boss Low Down: On/off switch in the foot pedal Lightweight at Only 7lbs Big wheels allow for easy maneuverability Heavy duty motor & steel handle The Gloss Boss Includes: 2 Nylon brushes 2 Washable microfiber pads 2 Felt pads 2 Bonnets. Pullman-Holt GlossBoss Gloss Boss B200752 Opening and Assembly Review By GoVacuum How To Use A B200752 GlossBoss Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Polisher

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 142.00

Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Plus Floor Scrubber, Buffer With Attached Spray Applicator B200776
Description: Reservoir holds 30oz of your favorite cleaning solution, - Equipped with two 5-inch nylon scrub brushes for deep cleaning hard floors and carpets, - Foot activated on/off switch - Tap foot pedal to release handle and turn on machine, - Turn off machine by returning handle to upright locking position. The all new Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Plus bare surface floor scrubber, buffer and polisher now includes a built in spray applicator with trigger handle for one-handed operation. The Gloss Boss Blue B200776 has a 30 oz. solution reservoir attached, allowing you to add your favorite floor cleaning solution to clean bare floors, or your favorite carpet shampoo for washing carpeting and rugs. The Gloss Boss's counter-rotating nylon drive brushes rotate at 475 RPM, and can be equipped with a variety of different cleaning pads for use on all floor surfaces. Attach the microfiber pads, felt disc, or green carpet bonnets to buff a brilliant sheen into hardwood floors, or clean tile, marble, concrete, and more. PLEASE NOTE There is no On / Off Switch on the scrubber, simply step on the handle release pedal, and recline the handle to activate the brushes. Unlike other residential floor buffers, the Gloss Boss Blue is lightweight, and very easy to maneuver around your furniture and other obstacles, and can easily be moved up and down the stairs. An 18 foot power cord allows for large cleaning areas. Three sets of pads - felt (wood floors) , microfiber (tile) and terry cloth (carpet) - accommodate different surfaces, or you can leave the brushes uncovered to scrub concrete in a garage or spot clean carpeting. The rugged ABS housing and sturdy aircraft grade aluminum handle ensure years of reliable use.

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 130.00

Pullman Holt B100327 Mini Gloss Boss Replacement Felt Buffing Pads with Retaining Clips, 2 pk.
Description: These are two replacement felt buffing pads, or the white colored pads for the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber and Buffer. These pads are used to restore the luster, and polish hard surface floors. Also included are two retaining clips which are used to hold the pads onto the brushes. Fits all Gloss Boss Mini models. Part Number B100327.

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 17.95

Pullman Holt B100326 Mini Gloss Boss Replacement MicroFiber Pads with Retaining Clips, 2 pk.
Description: These are two replacement micro-fiber pads for the Gloss Boss Mini Scrubber and Buffer made by Pullman Holt. The super fine, gentle, advanced technology used in the fibers of the pads make cleaning smooth surfaces faster, easier, and better then other pads. They are machine washable, but after several washings, they will begin to deteriorate at which point should be replaced. They absorb liquids, and pick up dirt, grease, grime, and dust just like a magnet, and can be used both for cleaning, and polishing floors. Each package contains 2 pads, and 2 retaining clips which are used to secure the pads to the brushes. Genuine Pullman Holt Part Number B100326. Fits all Pullman Holt Mini Gloss Boss Scrubber and Polisher models.

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 17.95

Pullman Holt Wet Dry Vacuum EVAC 20 Gallon
Description: Pullman-Holt sets a new standard in design and construction of Commercial/Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The 'Evacuator Series' Wet/Dry Vacuums are molded using the most advanced engineering resins and includes several innovative design features not available on other professional quality vacuums. Equipped with a commercial grade, long life motor and a revolutionary filter system, these new vacuums are unmatched in the industry for performance, noise reduction, reliability and service life. The 'Evacs' will pick up just about any kind of dirt, litter, debris, sludge, soot or liquids. Suitable for a broad range of applications including commercial, industrial, construction, automotive, institutional and more. Evac 15 is a 15-gallon,2-hp vacuum with a compact tank style for easy mobility and storage. Features Noise reduction design and special acoustic materials for quiet operation,under 65lb. Exclusive 'never clog' Dacron bag provides superior pre-filtration. Cleaning knob for purging filter during severe pick-up applications. Offset inlet for cyclonic separation of dirt or liquids. Tank includes 8 in. rear wheels, 2.5 in. front casters, built-in drain with screw cap. Includes: 10 ft. crush proof hose, 5 ft. wand, 14 in. floor brush tool, 14 in. floor squeegee tool and hand gulper tool 50 foot power cord. Tool Kit 10 ft. x 1.5 in. crushproof hose 5 ft. two-piece metal wand with swivel end ABS floor brush tool ABS floor squeegee tool 17 in. crevice tool CFM 110 Water Lift 105

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 488.92

Pullman Holt B100329 Gloss Boss Replacement Nylon Brushes, 2 pk.
Description: Pullman Holt B100329 Gloss Boss Replacement Nylon Brushes, 2 pk. These are two replacement nylon scrub brushes for the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Scrubber and Polisher model B200752. These brushes are used to effectively deep clean carpeting using the encapsulating method, or the dry carpet cleaning powders such as the Sebo Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Powder These brushes can also be effectively used to clean grout lines in tiled floors. The long bristles on the brushes make cleaning grout lines easy. The brushes are also used to secure the pads onto the machine. The B10039 Nylon brushes have been approved to clean concrete, and even patios. At 470 RPM, these brushes help remove even the dirtiest, heaviest soiled carpeting, concrete, ceramic tile, linoleum, marble, Pergo, and any other type of bare surface flooring (pads needed for some types of floors) . Over time the bristles will begin to wear down in length, and become less effective. It's at this point when the brushes should be replaced. Fits all Pullman Holt Mini Gloss Boss buffers, including the model B200752. Genuine Pullman Holt Part Number B100329. Each package contains 2 brushes per package.

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 39.95

Pullman Holt Canister Vacuum Dry 390CV
Description: Pullman Holt Canister Vacuum Dry 390CV

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 291.47

Pullman Holt C Line Dual Speed Automatic Scrubber
Description: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Pullman Holt Price: USD 4424.40

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