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33 Stripe Basic Glazed Replacement Laces
Description: 33 Stripe Basic Glazed Replacement Laces. 33 Stripe Basic Glazed Replacement Laces

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 5.00

Bryant Ave Casual Belt
Description: Bryant Ave Casual Belt. Bryant Ave Casual Belt

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 130.00

Colfax Ave Casual Belt
Description: Colfax Ave Casual Belt. Colfax Ave Casual Belt

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 49.97

MacNeil 2.0 Wingtips
Description: MacNeil 2.0 Wingtips. That's right. The shoe for the man who knows that power and responsibility are not mutually exclusive but instead inextricably joined has been updated. By lifting the upper weave not only made the iconic long wing more prominent, weave also balanced the shoeas strong demeanor with a durable oil-infused Double Butyl outsole. While the traditional brogueing highlights the time-honored handcrafting that goes into these bluchers, the cushioned Poron insole and contrast tan lining give them a youthful presence that allows them to be worn on your commute, at your job and on the town without missing a beat.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 385.00

Randolph Penny Loafers
Description: Randolph Penny Loafers. This clearance shoe is a closeout style, and is therefore limited to the sizes and widths that are currently available online. These loafers are the perfect traveling companion, so long as you don't stick a penny in the saddle (a no-no sure to draw the ire of both the fashion police and TSA) . Not only will the slip-on loafer design help you get through airport security with minimal hassle, but the versatility inherent in the extended profile, single oak sole and raised stitching on the moccasin toe, means that this one shoe can cover all the events - work and play - that go along with an important business trip or just a busy home life. The Shell Cordovan styles feature Reddenbach single oak leather soles and dovetail toplifts for an even more sophisticated look. Whichever style you choose and no matter where you are, with the Randolph on your feet, you'll feel at home anywhere.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 237.00

Shreveport Woven Dress Shoes
Description: Shreveport Woven Dress Shoes. Shreveport and other southern cities like it are home to southern gentleman who, despite the often hot and muggy weather, have always been able to remain well dressed and comfortable thanks to our long line of great woven shoes like the New Orleans and Boca Raton. With the addition of the Shreveport we've made their task even easier. Not only does this five-eyelet cap-toe blucher feature a woven upper like its predecessors but it also has a perforated lining to make it even lighter and increase breathability. This design is shaped on the best selling, best fitting 65 last to give it the elegant lines of the our classic dress shoes but given its less constructed body it retains a slightly more casual look that can also work with khakis or your best linens no matter where you live in relation to the Mason-Dixon line.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 385.00

Strand with Combination Tap Sole
Description: Strand with Combination Tap Sole. The Strand is Allen Edmonds CEO & President Paul Grangaard's favorite style! The relationship began in the early 1980s when, as a newly-minted banker eager for overseas experience, he had the good fortune of being transferred to Frankfurt, Germany. Given his age, inexperience and the language challenge inherent in the job, he was looking for a credibility-enhancer and some needed gravitas. So he bought his first pair of this distinctly American version of the classic senior executive's captoe brogue. When he became head of Allen Edmonds in 2008, Paul made sure they were one of the first styles reintroduced in the Timeless Classics Collection. Built on the 5-Last, these balmorals are full of personality, thanks to an array of impressive perforations plus a striking medallion on the cap toe. Perfectly complementing its design elements is this model's orderly and architectural form, which effortlessly conveys an air of achievement as well as refined elegance. This means, just as it did for Paul, that when you put on a pair of Strands, you'll elevate your game at the same time. A leather sole has a special feel and traditional look that can't be beat. But in certain inclement weather situations or for guys whose jobs involve lots of time on their feet, it can be good to have the traction and stability that only a rubber sole can add. So you dont have to choose between these two options, we decided to fuse them into the tap sole, a leather sole with V-tread rubber inserts on the forefoot and heel. Polished yet practical for the ultimate presence and performance, the tap sole will have you walking tall, and that's no song and dance.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 385.00

Leeds 2.0 Derby Shoes
Description: Leeds 2.0 Derby Shoes. When describing the first incarnation of the Leeds we called on Leonardo da Vinci's famous quotation: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Those words still capture the essence of this shoe, which is at once aesthetically pleasing while also being inherently straightforward. In this updated version we've retained the handsome plain toe and blucher vamp but lifted them to create a more balanced, sharper silhouette that highlights the intricate arch saddle stitch. It just so happens that by doing so weave given you more room up front to add even more comfort to the great fit you've come to expect from the rounded, fuller toe of the 511 last. Still available in favorites black and walnut calfskin, as well as the rich and lustrous Oxblood, the Leeds' traditional look blends perfectly with any outfit, from a suit to khakis and even jeans. Throw in the comfort and durability that comes from the addition of the Double Butyl outsole and Poron insole you've got a fashionable, foot-friendly design that an Old Master would still be proud to wear.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 385.00

Cavanaugh Penny Loafers
Description: Cavanaugh Penny Loafers. This shoe is a closeout style, and is therefore limited to the sizes and widths that are currently available online.

Store: Allen Edmonds Brand: Allen Edmonds Price: USD 275.00

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