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Suunto Elementum Terra All Black
Description: Please note that Suunto products will not ship internationally. Suunto Elementum Terra All Black Manufactured in Finland, this urban style watch is a superbly built timepiece, crafted for the outdoor explorer. The Elementum sports watch is designed to withstand the great outdoors and perform with precision in all conditions with its crystal glass and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel casing. It comes equipped with mountain life essentials, including a barometer, altimeter and 3D compass for navigation. Features: Time, Date, Alarm and Backlight Knob position for east scrolling through different features LCD display with metallic graphics and anti-reflective coated glass Altimeter for accurate altitude readings Barometric pressure and trend 3D compass for navigation with the push of a button Chronograph Cumulative ascent / descent with log: last 8 ascent / descent, max. altitude Water resistant to 100m Whatas in the Box: Elementum Watch (All Black) Quick Guide Cleaning Cloth escent, max. altitude

Store: Clever Training Brand: Suunto Price: USD 950.00

TomTom Bandit GoPro Adapter
Description: TomTom Bandit GoPro Adapter Set up your camera with mounts you already own using TomTom's GoPro Adapter. Use your camera with your GoPro mounts for any occassion and location. *The camera may not deliver optimum functionality, due to limitations from other mounting solutions.

Store: Clever Training Brand: TomTom Price: USD 9.99

Garmin VIRB X/XE Mount Base Kit
Description: Garmin Virb X/XE Mount Base KitExtra flat and curved base mounts for VIRB X or XE. Includes 3 flat mounts and 3 curved mounts.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 19.99

BackJoy Dynamic Sitting Comfort Seat Posture Plus Back Orthotic Red
Description: The BackJoy Posture creates Dynamic Sitting, which transforms any sitting surface into a comfortable one by stabilizing the pelvis and spine to maintain back health, engage core muscles and encourage optimal posture. Maintain your vitality by sitting with BackJoy Posture+. Its patented design encourages optimal posture and engages core muscles so you can sit more comfortably, and correctly, to get more out of life. Posture+ is not a simple cushion. It contains APS Technology and Advanced Core Materials. It was designed so you can automatically sit with optimal sitting posture, anytime, anywhere. And with the impact absorbing, all-conditions skin you can sit from the office chair to a rock hard surface with greater comfort, longer. Here is how it works: 1) The patented Applied Postural Science (APS) corrects your posture You know that you are supposed to sit better, but it's hard. Our APS Technology automatically tilts, cups, and floats your pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable posture. 2) Posture+ naturally maintains your posture while you sit You move when you sit a so Posture+ moves with you - freeing your pelvis to actively stabilize your spine. It automatically adapts to your movements to provide constant strain free comfort and optimal posture; and you wonat have to even think about it. 3) BackJoy engages your core muscles You know how important your core is, but when you sit your core is not engaged. Posture+ dynamically supports your pelvic floor to engage your core. With natural balance and support, you will feel comfortable, stronger and less fatigued after sitting for long periods of time. BackJoy Relieves Back Pain By Supporting Your Spine Donat be fooleda/although a BackJoy sitting device is not very big in size, it is VERY powerful in its results. Its patented Applied Postural Science is based on years of research and is designed to be simple to use yet incredibly effective. It is dynamic and reacts to the way your body moves, allowing your spine to sit in proper alignment a so you wonat hurt. Its three-part design tilts, cradles, and lifts your pelvis to attain perfect posture and a pain-free back.

Store: Clever Training Brand: BackJoy Price: USD 39.99

Nemo Fillo Pillow 4x10.5x17 Nimbus Grey
Description: Nemo Fillo Inflatable Pillow Features: Hybrid inflatable and memory foam construction When inflated the Fillo measures 10.5 x 17 x 4 Packed size is 6 x 4 Microbrushed, washable polyester pillow top Integrated shock cord allows you to increase the height and supportiveness of the Fillo

Store: Clever Training Brand: Nemo Price: USD 33.96

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor - Lilac
Description: Polar FT60 Polar FT60 Polar FT60 training computer Polar H1 heart rate sensor FT60 Getting Started Guide Weekly Training Program For committed exercisers, the STAR Training Program tells you how much and how intensively to train. Creates a training program based on your personal goals and sets new weekly training targets Gives feedback on the effect of your training The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress

Store: Clever Training Brand: Polar Price: USD 159.96

Garmin VIRB Action Camera Mount for Small Tubes 0.35 to 0.95 Accessory
Description: Small Tube Mount (VIRB Accessories) Overview: Mount VIRB to a pole or other small tube to capture your entire adventure. Use the thick or thin insert so the mount fits perfectly, and your camera is locked firmly in place. Accommodating tube diameters from 0.35? to 0.95?, the mount can be used on additional objects, including ski poles, rifle barrels, roll bars and more. The mount features interlocking joints that grip in place instead of relying solely on tension. This provides a more rugged and durable, anti-vibration locking performance. Compatible Devices VIRB VIRB Elite

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 10.99

Tribe One Outdoors RackNet Series PackNet Black
Description: Tribe One Outdoor RackNet Series PackNet The Tribe One RackNeta is an innovative tie down system that adjusts to the gear on your rack using the sliding hub feature. This feature allows you to change your points of pressure, as well as tighten your gear from the top down. With the ability to convert the RackNeta from a six point to a four point tie down, it can be used with ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, cars, boats and more. *Please note: colors depicted may not be available for purchase Specifications Material: 3/16a Nylon Shock Cord Coverage Area: 12 Cubic Ft. Tensile Strength: 300 lbs Feature 1: Adjustable Center Hubs Feature 2: 6 or 4 Point Configuration * Includes six aluminum carabiners

Store: Clever Training Brand: Tribe One Outdoors Price: USD 12.48

Sticky Holster AnkleBiter Leg Holster Rig
Description: Sticky Holster AnkleBiter Leg Holster RigRequires separate IWB or Pocket holster. The AnkleBiter leg rig is an exciting new modular concealment product from Sticky Holsters. It works in conjunction with Sticky Holster IWB/Pocket holsters - giving you yet another way to conceal carry. The Anklebiter first wraps around your ankle and then wraps your holstered gun to create an ankle rig. The Sticky Holster AB differs from other ankle rigs in that the operator may set the cant or angle of the holster to allow the most comfort while maintaining maximum security. This system can be worn directly on the ankle, over a sock or over a boot. An optional retention strap is included.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Sticky Holster Price: USD 34.95

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