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Custom SLR C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution Black
Description: C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Color : Silver or Black Eliminate Strap Interference: Quicker access, flexibility and improved handling. Smooth Rotation: The C-Loop swivels 360 degrees to reduce tangling and for smooth panning Low Profile: Makes it easier to transition from landscape to portrait shots Increased Security: Lens comfortably tucks away making mobility easy in tight or crowded areas Compatibility: Works with existing camera straps and all devices with a tripod mount C-Loop is truly a sweet, awhy did not I think of that?a solution. We designed the C-Loop in response to how the traditional top mounted camera strap always gets in the way. By relocating the mounting position to the bottom of the camera and integrating a swivel, we discovered numerous benefits that improved the shooting experience when using a camera strap. One of the best upgrades for your camera. Made in USA.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Custom SLR Price: USD 39.95

Garmin Accessory Band Kit Green Blue and Blue Red Wrist Bands for 920XT
Description: Garmin Forerunner 920XT Replacement Band Keep your training on track and be stylish and comfortable with these colored, adjustable bands for your Forerunner 920XT. Bands come with spare pins, 2 screwdrivers for pin removal and instructions.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 22.49

Magellan Echo Fit Smartphone Compatible Fitness Watch Blue
Description: Magellan Echo Fit Echo Fit is the first sports watch to utilizes smartphone sports apps to their full potential by wirelessly connecting them to your wrist. With real-time sports data streaming directly from your smartphone to the watch display and the ability to remotely control connected apps, Echo Fit keeps you informed and in control during any activity. Echo Fit is an extension of your smartphone, simultaneously displaying sports data, notifications and achievements that display on your smartphone. Using Bluetooth Smart to wirelessly connect with smartphones, Echo Fit shows elapsed time, distance and other metrics at a glance. Echo Fit gives you control over a variety of smartphone functions including start, stop or lap on your sports app, and next song, play and pause on your music stream or playlist. Echo Fit keeps you motivated throughout the day by tracking your steps, distance traveled and calories burns. When its time to recover, Echo Fit tracks your sleep. Without a separate activity tracking device, Echo Fit captures a complete picture of our day. Monitoring your progress is easy with daily goals and wireless uploads to your smartphone. The free Magellan Active app provides detailed analysis, activity trends and sharing with other services. Itas the first smartwatch designed for sports with a ruggedized design and water-resistance that can withstand adverse conditions. When youare not running, golfing or hiking, Echo is an everyday watch and activity tracker. A replaceable battery means thereas no charging. Echo is always tracking and ready to go. Highlights: Displays sports app data on your wrist Remote control for sports apps and music Tracks steps, distance, and calories burned Monitors how long you sleep Wirelessly syncs with iPhone and Android Ultra low power, does not need to be charged Designed for sports, ruggedized, water-resistant Everyday watch with customizable watch faces A Works with iPhone 4S or later and select Android devices with 4.4 or later Feature Details: Real time sports data stream Sports data, like pace and distance, stream from your app to Echo Fit in real-time. Now, you can actually see the data thatas been hiding on your smartphone. Remote Controls With your smartphone safely tucked away, you can remotely control app functions like start, stop, and lap, as well as remotely control the music on your smartphone. Tap Screen Tapping the display will advance to the next data screen or close a notification that is displayed. Sports Apps With an open platform, Echo works with your favorite sports app today and the new sports apps of tomorrow. Apps are consta

Store: Clever Training Brand: Magellan Price: USD 98.79

Misfit Wearables Beddit Sleep Tracker in White
Description: Misfit Beddit Sleep Tracker Get an accurate view into your nightly sleep habits with the all new Beddit Sleep Monitor. Beddit measures sleep cycles and quality by measuring respiration, heart rate, movement, snoring, and ambient sound. Data is transmitted automatically and wirelessly to a smartphone where you can track key statistics and sleep graphs on the Misfit app. Thereas nothing to wear; simply place it on your mattress, under the sheets. Beddit is paper-thin and unobtrusive. Feel sleepy after hitting the snooze button? The smart alarm feature wakes you up at just the right time so you can feel refreshed. Beddit Tracks: Total Sleep Time Sleep Cycles; Deep & Light Sleep Duration Awake Times Heart Rate Ambient Sound, Snoring Sleep Better. Dream Bigger. Set goals and see insights . View detailed graphs and stats via the Misfit app. Dream on . Nothing to wear, no straps no problems Soothe yourself to sleep . Listen to a variety of custom, gentle sleep sounds. Wake up refreshed . Beddit's Smart Alarm wakes you during a light sleep cycle. In The Box Beddit USB Power Adapter Guide Specifications: Sync Method - Bluetooth Material - Plastic Colors a White, Black Measures Sleep Quality Duration Sleep Cycles Time to Fall Asleep Heart Rate Respiration Rate Snoring

Store: Clever Training Brand: Misfit Wearables Price: USD 149.99

Sequoia Fitness Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper
Description: Sequoia Fitness Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper Calculates Lean Body Mass And Body Fat % With Military Precision. The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first caliper to calculate Lean Body Mass and Body Fat %. It displays your last and current results or up to 4 users: Weight Body Fat % Lean Body Mass Upper, Middle, and Lower Measurements - chest / triceps, abs, and quads. A unique BEEP sound calculates results once accurate pressure readings are determined Warrior is the new leading hand held body fat caliper that lets users measure body fat! Included In Each Warrior Package: 1 CR2032 Lithium 3-Volt Coin Cell Battery Measurement instructions and site charts Unit Operating Instructions Body Fat % Results Charts (pdf)

Store: Clever Training Brand: Sequoia Fitness Price: USD 22.49

Moov Fitness Coach and Tracker White
Description: Moov Fitness Coach and Tracker Moov is a revolutionary tracking device with a countless amount of features. In addition to its tracking abilities it also integrates live smart coaching to give you a better and more effective workout experience. It is a highly versatile device that is compatible with a smartphone/BLE and includes applications for swimming, running, fitness walking, bodyweight workouts, cardio punch workouts and cycling. With Moov you will develop correct workout techniques that will help you achieve your fitness goals in a much more advanced and efficient manner. Features: A wearable tracking device and fitness coach that actively monitors your tendencies, instructs you through your workout so you get the most effective results, tracks your progress, and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. Powered by a 9-axis monitor sensor, as found in the latest military-grade and gaming technologies, to measure and record your precise movements. Real-time audio coaching for running, fitness walking, bodyweight workouts, cardio punch workouts, and cycling. Modular design allows Moov to be worn on your ankle or on your wrist for more accurate measurements. 5 iOS and Android sports apps include: Run and Walk, Swimming, Cycling (ideal for triathletes) , Cardio Punch Workouts (iOS only) and 7 Minute+ Body Workout.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Moov Price: USD 71.10

Maui Jim Runabout - Gunmetal / Neutral Grey
Description: Maui Jim a Runabout Inspired By: The classic runabout -aa a small motorboat for up to eight. Grab your friends and cruise to Molokini, a partially sunken volcanic crater with crystal clear views to 150 feet down. Perfect for: Non-competitive sports or casual wear - lens treatments and frames are saltwater safe Design: A grooved, rimless lens for an unobstructed view, with no hardware, rivets or stress points for durability and a wider field of vision Shape: Modified oval frame that hugs the head and complements larger facial features Care: Maui Jim case and cleaning cloth included Frame Material: Titanium alloy contains extremely lightweight titanium, aluminum and vanadium for maximum strength and flexibility; flexible temples will not kink or break, allowing for easy adjustment Finishing Treatment: Smooth metal for a sleek look Hinge: Anti-corrosive, stainless steel pin hinge with nylon resin coating offers lightweight strength Bridge: Saddle-style with adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads for comfort Fit Specifications: (eye) 61 (bridge) 21 (temple) 130 8-base curve

Store: Clever Training Brand: Maui Jim Price: USD 299.00

Petzl Ascension Ascender Right Grey
Description: ASCENSION Ergonomic handled ascender Our handled ascenders have been refined to provide greater comfort, efficiency, ease of use. The ergonomically shaped handle is over molded with dual density grip for greater friction and better grip. The grip is wider at the bottom, providing better comfort for your pinkie fingers during use. The index finger indent has also been increased, offering greater efficiency when pulling on the ascender. The cam has been redesigned to minimize friction when sliding the ascender up the rope while the angled teeth provide secure grip in the worst conditions (wet, icy, or muddy ropes) . The geometry of the single piece aluminum frame ensures optimal handle orientation when the device is loaded and will maintain solid, comfortable performance for ascents of any length. Molded grip provides even greater comfort with a more ergonomically shaped handle. This shape keeps your hand from sliding to the bottom of the frame each time you pull on the ASCENSION. The bi-material handle includes a rubber over molded grip, increasing the comfort and grip in wet or icy conditions. Chrome-plated steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely grips the rope, even in muddy or icy conditions Ergonomic trigger allows one-handed installation and removal Mono-frame construction eliminates weaknesses and keeps the ascender lightweight and durable for years of use The two attachment points allow for different uses (e.g. self- belaying, hauling systems, etc.) Anodized frames are color coded for easy identification (black -left / gray -right) Safety catch prevents the cam from opening too far, helping to keep the rope captured for added safety 1 cm secondary hole at the bottom will accommodate a screw link for attaching aiders, slings, etc. Specifications a Weight : 195 g a Material (s) : aluminum frame, chrome-plated steel cam, rubber over molded plastic grip, nylon catch a For use with single ropes between 8 and 13 mm a Certification (s) : CE EN 567, UIAA a Guarantee: 3 years a SKU (s) : B17SLN Color (s) : black frame with orange handle left a SKU (s) : B17SRG Color (s) : gray frame with orange handle right

Store: Clever Training Brand: Petzl Price: USD 79.95

HydroFlask Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Bottle 32 oz Wide Mouth Acai Purple
Description: Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Hydrated. The Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth stainless steel water bottle is made for serious hydration and liquid storage. Whether you are trying to drink enough water throughout the day in the office or staying hydrated throughout an intense work out, the hydro flask has you covered. The larger mouth opening makes this bottle great for mixing sports drinks or storing smoothies, and the double wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12. Its 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous, therefore no residual bacteria builds up and you get no hints of yesterday's beverage Features: Wide Mouth opening Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Keeps beverages hot up to 12 Hours Keeps beverages cold up to 24 Hours BPA-Free 18/8 Stainless Steel Signature Powder Coat Finish in 10 colors

Store: Clever Training Brand: Hydro Flask Price: USD 33.99

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