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Mars Space Sand 1/2 Ib (Yellow)
Description: It reacts just like the soil on Mars by never absorbing water. Even if you soak this sand in water it will stay dry and resist the water.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 5.45

One Channel Digital PC Scope (Closeout)
Description: The K8031 is a digital storage oscilloscope using a computer and its monitor to display waveforms. All standard oscilloscope functions are available in the Windows program supplied. Its operation is just like a normal oscilloscope. Connection is through the computer//s parallel port the scope is completely optically isolated from the computer port.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 99.95

Electronic Die Minikit
Description: This is a Electronic Die Minikit.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 7.45

Rattle Bars
Description: As the magician you display three plastic bars. You then pick up one of the bars you shake it and it rattles. You then place the bar back onto the table. You pick up the other two bars showing that they dont rattle. Slowly the bars are moved around on the table and the spectator is asked to point to the bar that was shown to rattle. Whichever bar is selected that bar does not rattle. They will only rattle for you the magician. (Instructions included. Very easy to perform.)

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 3.00

Telephone Recorder Adapter Kit (Special Deal)
Description: Record phone calls automatically with this kit.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 19.95

VG400 - 400 kV Van deGraaf Generator
Description: Whats the matter our smaller Van deGraaf doesnt have enough stooch for you? Try our 400Kv 400000 volt Van deGraaf.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 449.95

20 Meter Transmitter Kit w/Case (Includes 14.060 MHz XTAL)
Description: Work the world...on a watt!

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 44.95

Close-Up Pad - 12 X 17 - Red
Description: These close-up pads have the perfect surface tension to permit beautiful ribbon spreads and other effects.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 10.00

Happy Face LED Blinker w/PCB (Closeout)
Description: Put a smile on everyones face; happy face PCB and connecting wire included with parts kit; battery operated. On/Off switch on PCB.

Store: HobbyTron Brand: Price: USD 2.45

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