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Bulk Food Tidbits 1 bk: GR
Description: The Bulk Food Tidbits Cookbook is a guide to cooking with bulk foods written especially for the bulk food shopper. A number of helpful guides are featured in this cookbook, including definitions, suggested uses and featured recipes for a number of spices and herbs. This unique book features a large number of Dutch Valley products and will provide your customers with ideas on how to put products from your store to use in their own home.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Price: USD 12.48

Practical Produce Cookbook - 1/Bk.Practical Produce Cookbk: GR
Description: The Practical Produce Cookbook gives you easy to follow instructions on how to grow and preserve your fruits and vegetables. This book makes a nice gift for a new gardener.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Practical Produce Cookbook Price: USD 15.89

Grandma's Recipes - 1/Bk Grandma's Recipes: GR
Description: Grandma's Recipes provides hours of enjoyment from basic bread recipes to main dish meals. One book will make a good gift for a new or experienced cook.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Practical Produce Cookbook Price: USD 13.86

Mennonite Community Cookbook - 1/Bk Mennonite Community Cbk: GR
Description: The Mennonite Community cookbook is filled with a number of Pennsylvania Dutch recipes as well as traditional recipes. This single book will also make a great gift!

Store: Kalyx Brand: Herald Press Price: USD 29.63

Essential Eating Digestable Diet 1/Bk Essen.Eat.Digest.Diet: GR
Description: This book outlines a eating plan for good health based on great-tasting, easy-to-digest foods. Beginning with an analysis of modern-day eating habits, the plan examines those food combinations, ingredients, and chemicals found in the traditional American diet including white flour, sugar, and preservatives, which are typically at the root of indigestion and weight gain. This step-by-step guide offers time-saving recipes, streamlined preparation steps, and hints on what amount of food should be consumed and in what combinations in order to achieve and maintain good digestion. A single book will make the perfect gift for any health conscious friend or family member.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Azure Moon Publishing Price: USD 32.32

Ball Blue Book - 1/Bk Ball Blue Book: GR
Description: The Ball Blue Book is a complete guide to preserving your favorite fruits and vegetables. A single book will make a good gift for any occasion.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Jarden Home Brands/Ball Price: USD 9.78

Amish Origins Medicated Salve - 12/1 oz. Medicated Salve: GR
Description: Amish Origins medicated salve works for arthritis, sore muscles and joints, cuts, abrasions, bruises, cough due to colds, head colds, throat congestion, sinus problems, dry and cracked feet and hands, psoriasis, burns and much more. Each case has twelve one ounce containers.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Pro 10 Originals Price: USD 38.27

Amish Origins Chickweed Salve - 12/4 oz Chickweed Salve: GR
Description: This all natural salve can be used to ease skin disorders, dry skin, cracked skin, minor cuts, burns, and poison ivy. Each case consists of twelve four ounce bottles.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Pro 10 Originals Price: USD 141.26

Almonds, Natural Sliced - 12/8Oz Almonds Sliced Natural: GR
Description: California almond slices are just the right size for your baked good recipes and they taste just as great when sprinkled over a bowl of ice cream, cereal, fruit, or steamed vegetables. Each case consists of twelve eight ounce bags.

Store: Kalyx Brand: Dutch Valley Price: USD 70.80

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