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Clarins 'Joli Rouge' Lipstick - 715 - Candy Rose
Description: What it is: A moisturizing, long-wearing lipstick. What it does: Joli Rouge's creamy, moisture-rich formula delivers intense color and a delicate satin sheen to lips with softening, pure plant extracts that treat skin beautifully. Color (s) : 701 - orange fizz, 705 - soft berry, 707 - petal pink, 711 - papaya, 713 - hot pink, 715 - candy rose, 723 - raspberry, 731 - rose berry, 732 - grenadine, 737 - spicy cin, 742 - joli rouge, 744 - soft plum, 750 - lilac pink, 751 - tea rose, 752 - rosewood, 753 - pink ginger. Brand: Clarins. Style Name: Clarins 'Joli Rouge' Lipstick. Style Number: 1177215. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Clarins Price: USD 28.00

Girl's Us Angels Wide Organza Sash, Size 7-14 - Ivory
Description: A wide sash is fashioned from sheer organza for a perfectly lovely accessory. Color (s) : amethyst, black, blue, blush pink, burnt orange, canary, champagne, chocolate, cobalt, fuchsia, gold, guava, iris, ivory, lettuce, lilac, navy, peacock, pewter, red, silver, white, yellow. Brand: Us Angels. Style Name: Us Angels Wide Organza Sash (Baby Girls, Toddler Girls, Little Girls & Big Girls) . Style Number: 338938. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Us Angels Price: USD 22.00

Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss - No. 29 Tulip Pink
Description: Burberry Beauty Kisses Lip Gloss delivers a hydrating veil of smooth and intense, mirror-like shine. Inspired by delicate Burberry fabrics and reflective mirror and patent finishes, it glides across the lips for a fuller-looking, blossoming effect. It can be effortlessly applied for a subtle, dewy finish or intensified with layers to create a wet-look result. Color (s) : no. 01 ice, no. 05 trench kiss, no. 09 pale nude, no. 101 oxblood, no. 105 redwood, no. 109 military red, no. 113 poppy red, no. 17 nude beige, no. 21 cameo nude, no. 25 nude pink, no. 29 tulip pink, no. 33 fondant pink, no. 37 blossom, no. 41 pearl rose, no. 45 sugar pink, no. 49 city pink, no. 53 pink mist, no. 57 mallow pink, no. 61 bright rose, no. 65 coral rose, no. 69 apricot pink, no. 73 melon, no. 77 tangerine, no. 81 vermilion, no. 85 antique rose, no. 89 rose blush, no. 93 rosewood, no. 97 plum pink. Brand: BURBERRY BEAUTY. Style Name: Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss. Style Number: 1166165. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Burberry Beauty Price: USD 29.00

Men's Bosca Leather Bifold Wallet - Black
Description: Bifold wallet crafted from hand-stained, vegetable-dyed Italian leather features currency pockets, six card slots and an ID window. Color (s) : black, cognac, dark brown. Brand: BOSCA. Style Name: Bosca Leather Bifold Wallet. Style Number: 273702. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Bosca Price: USD 110.00

Girl's Us Angels Silky Taffeta Sash, Size 4-16 - Pewter
Description: Silky taffeta sash is a perfectly lovely accessory. Color (s) : aqua, aruba, black, bordeaux, champagne, chocolate, cotton candy, ivory, jewel, lime, petunia, pewter, rouge, sorbet, sun, white. Brand: Us Angels. Style Name: Us Angels Silky Taffeta Sash (Girls) . Style Number: 338481. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Us Angels Price: USD 22.00

Guerlain 'Terracotta Joli Teint' Bronzing Powder - 01 Brunettes Clair
Description: Terracotta Joli Teint is a harmony of two shades that gives your complexion a natural, healthy glow and perfect sun-kissed radiance. The warm, natural tone adds a subtle, sunny glow while the vibrant pop of color revitalizes the complexion. Its silky formula feels comfortable and looks seamless on skin, leaving a soft satin finish. The powder has a unique fragrance, too, mixing notes of bergamot, mandarin, gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, vanilla and woods. How to use: Sweep the Terracotta brush in a circular motion around the powder to capture both the warm, natural tone and the vibrant, pop of color. Using Guerlain's signature 3 gesture, apply the by tracing a figure three on each side of your face. Start by sweeping across the forehead, down and around the cheekbones, then down along the jawline to the chin. Don't forget to blend from the jawline to the neck to create a seamless glow without any trace of lines. Consider dusting over your cheeks for an added pop of radiant color. Color (s) : 00 blondes clair, 01 brunettes clair, 02 blondes naturel, 03 brunettes naturel. Brand: GUERLAIN. Style Name: Guerlain 'Terracotta Joli Teint' Bronzing Powder. Style Number: 1020270. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Guerlain Price: USD 54.00

Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte - 09 Bohemian
Description: Glow with passion with the new Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte, an incredibly versatile formula inspired by the brand's Mondrian dress. It can create any effect from natural to glamorous to match your look day or night. Pro tips: Use the outer shades to warm your cheeks with color and the inner shades to add radiance, highlight and sculpt. Color (s) : 01 singuliere, 02 seductrice, 03 parisienne, 04 baby doll, 05 favorite, 06 passionnee, 07 rebelle, 08 heroine, 09 bohemian. Brand: YVES SAINT LAURENT. Style Name: Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte. Style Number: 815758. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Yves Saint Laurent Price: USD 48.00

Guerlain 'Orchidee Imperiale - The Age-Defying & Brightening' Serum
Description: Because dazzling, youthful skin means a flawless, radiant complexion free from pigmentation marks, Orchidee Imperiale The Age-Defying and Brightening Serum by Guerlain combines the power to combat signs of aging, boost radiance and even out skin tone. The serum is formulated with whitening technology to provide complete action on pigmentation disorders that are both melanin-related and non-melanin related. Immediately, skin regains its radiance and day after day, dark spots fade. How to use: Use before your cream. Apply the product in circular movements, smoothing your fingertips from the forehead to the ears. Perform three smoothing movements from your lips to your nose and your ears to your jawline. Press down three times on the muscle attachment points indicated. Gently smooth your fingers along the contours of your face. Smooth the forehead. Repeat three times. Brand: GUERLAIN. Style Name: Guerlain 'Orchidee Imperiale - The Age-Defying & Brightening' Serum. Style Number: 1069886. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Guerlain Price: USD 510.00

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter - Mirrorball
Description: Delight in the smoother, more even finish yielded by micronized particles with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Glitter, available in a wide array of fashion-forward colours that photograph beautifully. How to use: For an unexpected pop of shimmer, mix with your favorite hairstyling products and run a small amount through hair or eyebrows. Or, sprinkle over a nail lacquer as it dries for more pop. It's not for use in the immediate eye area. Color (s) : amber, aqua, beige, blaylock, blue, coffee, fae, gold, magenta, mint, mirrorball, navy, neon yellow, olive, pink, red, slate, spark, violet. Brand: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Style Name: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter. Style Number: 868556. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Price: USD 15.00

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