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Full Size Stainless Steel Food Warmer
Description: This full size mirror polished heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel body keeps food warm for additional hours after cooked. It provides pleasant meal presentation and works like a full size chafer. You can use various sizes of steam pans to match your needs, such as one full size, one 2/3 plus one 1/3 size, two half sizes or three 1/3 size. The warmer has a water resistant on/off switch cover and thermostatically controlled heating element for a longer life. It is NSF and ETL approved.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Price: USD 191.67

Dri-Mark - Tri Test Counterfeit Bill Detector, UV with Pen - 7 x 4 x 2 1/2
Description: Multifunction machine uses the latest in ultraviolet LED technology to provide the ultimate in security against counterfeit currency including washed bills. Detects the UV sensitive security thread in U.S. currency in denominations of $5 and larger. Use the original Counterfeit Detector Pen to test the paper, the UV LEDs to reveal the UV security thread, and backlight the bill with the white LEDs to reveal watermarks and micro-printing. Versatile unit also authenticates driver's licenses, passports, international currencies, credit cards, cashier's checks and more. A powerful, compact, portable and affordable solution for any point of sale application. Great for bars and restaurants that check IDs and payment methods. LEDs last for years and are powered by three C batteries or the optional AC adapter (both sold separately) .

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Dri-Mark Price: USD 22.48

Sun Lounge 2 - 6' x 12'
Description: The Sun Lounge 2 Clear is the simplest way to turn your existing porch, deck or patio into a great sunroom enclosure or greenhouse space. The Sun Lounge 2 features two kinds of virtually unbreakable coverings to give you the best of both worlds. Roof panels are 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate, offering UV protection and diffuse light. Crystal clear acrylic side walls are 100% UV protected while allowing over 90% light transmission, as well as clear views, while being ultra-safe. Durable green resin frame improves insulation and is maintenance free for ease of use. Hinged door and included roof vent provide air circulation. Accessories and additional lengths available.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Rion Price: USD 1799.97

RC Fountain Syrup - 1 gallon
Description: Now you can always have fresh soda on demand, and the smaller box size allows you to keep more flavors on hand.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Price: USD 23.28

Cardinal Gates Wrought Iron Kit
Description: This kit is designed to safely mount Cardinal Gates to wrought iron posts and leaves no damage to the wrought iron. Post size must be 3/4" or smaller.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Cardinal Gates Price: USD 11.48

Hospitality Table - Round - Black/Mahogany - 36" x 36" - 1 pk.
Description: Complete your restaurant, break room or cafeteria with this table set. The reversible laminate top features two different laminate finishes. This table is designed for commercial use so you will be assured it will withstand the daily rigors of the hospitality industry.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Flash Furniture Price: USD 209.98

Theodore Accent Chair
Description: This beautifully crafted chair in a rich walnut finish features ornately detailed hand carving and is complemented with a deep red jacquard diamond fabric. Made with solid wood construction and webbed seating, this chair is sure to be a staple in your home for years to come.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Lauren Wells Price: USD 188.88

Square Chrome-Base Table - Gray Nebula - 36
Description: head. ready (function () ( var videoId = '4457803423001'; setTimeout (function () ( $ ('#pl-vertical-scroller') .append (") ; $ (".video-thumbnail") .click (function () ( $ ("body") .append (") ; brightcove. createExperiences () ; $ ("#video-modal-close,#video-modal-backdrop") .click (function () ( $ ("#video-modal,#video-modal-backdrop") .remove () ; return false ) ) ; return false ) ) ; ) ,1500) ; ) ) ; This contemporary-style, 36" square-top table features a chrome base and a high-pressure laminate top with a scratch-resistant surface. In a stylish Gray Nebula finish, this versatile table is ideal for meeting rooms, training areas, conference rooms, cafeterias, lunchrooms, breakfast areas and perfect for the office and home.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: OFM Price: USD 226.98

Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set - PC/Mac
Description: Language Learning that works: You'll learn through immersion - which means you'll only hear and speak your new language. Without offering your native language for translation, our interactive immersion encourages you to learn more actively than other methods, which means you'll be more successful. Our advanced system presents material at the right intervals to optimize your individual learning. The curriculum is sequenced to introduce new skills in a way that stimulates your brain's natural language learning ability. Immediate feedback on your word choices and pronunciation confirms you're using your new language skills correctly. Interactive Software: Our award-winning language learning environment combines speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Interactive courses carefully choreograph the way you are introduced to new language vocabulary and grammar. Test what you have learned in a simulated dialogue after each unit. Rosetta Studio: Free Trial Included With Purchase. Practice real-life conversation in online sessions with tutors who are native Language speakers. Converse exclusively in Language for nearly 30 minutes using the material you've learned so far. Rosetta World: Meet other Language learners for games and activities in our online learning community. Reinforce your skills with smart games and activities targeted to your progress. Choose from a variety of solo or social activities. .content style ul (margin-left:25px;margin-top:2px;margin-bottom:20px;) .content style h3 (font-size:13px;) .content style ul li (margin-bottom:2px;) .content style p (margin:10px 0;)

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Rosetta Stone Price: USD 172.72

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