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ProgressiveA Collapsible Pie Carrier
Description: This collapsible pie carrier is a convenient way to transport your homemade pies and snacks. Material: Polypropylene, ABS and TPE plasticCare: Dishwasher safeCapacity: Two 9 piesDimensions: 14 d x 7 hMade in ChinaFEATURESRoom enough for up to 28 deviled eggsSecurely holds up to two 9 piesEasily fits one meringue pieNon-skid rings on the bottom tray keep pie in place while carrying

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Progressive Price: USD 29.95

Burstenhaus Redecker Wool Champagne Glass Cleaner
Description: BA 1/4 rstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes in Germany for over 75 years. Their expertise and high standards are showcased in all of their brushes. This brush is a perfect fit for cleaning champagne glasses, vases, and bottles of various sizes. Can be used under boiling water. Made of natural-fiber bristles, zinc-coated metal wire, and beech wood. 15. Hand wash only. Made in Germany.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Burstenhaus Redecker Price: USD 9.95

Rabbita Professional 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit by Metrokane
Description: The ultimate cork-pulling machine is the centerpiece of this all-inclusive wine tool collection. Quick as a bunny, the Rabbit corkscrew removes and automatically releases the cork from any size wine bottle. Its award-winning ergonomic design encompasses hardened-metal gear teeth. This useful set also includes two wine pourer/stoppers, a Velveta Champagne and wine sealer, a Rabbit foil cutter and an extra worm for the corkscrew.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Metrokane Price: USD 50.00

Ateco Stainless Steel Donut Cutter
Description: Save time making homemade donuts with this stainless steel cutter that effortlessly slices through dough, creating a perfectly cut traditional donut. Makes 2A 1/2 diameter donuts. Dishwasher safe.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ateco Price: USD 4.00

OXO Barbecue Brush with Natural Boar Bristles
Description: Flavor meats and veggies and keep them moist on the grill. Angled basting brush allows you to easily reach around large, barbecued poultry or roasts to brush on sauces and juices. The angle also keeps the natural boar bristles up off your work area. Plastic and silicone handle feels comfortable in your hand. Cleans up easily in the dishwasher. 1A 1/2 "-wide head.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 8.00

AtecoA Lattice Cutter
Description: Our favorite way to easily cut lattice tops for pies and pastries. Simply roll over dough to make perfect, professional-looking lattice design. Built for professional use, cutter is made of high-impact plastic.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ateco Price: USD 12.00

Madeira Teak Edge-Grain Carving Board
Description: This handmade teak carving board is perfect for carving roasted turkey or chopping onions and celery for a delicious sage stuffing. The generous size provides ample space for chopping or slicing all of your favorite foods. Beautiful, hard-wearing teak is durable enough for everyday use but gentle on knives.Commonly used in outdoor furniture, ships and spa equipment, weather-resistant teak is perfect for kitchen use thanks to naturally occurring oils that repel moisture, warping and microbes. Sustainable plantation teak is farmed using responsible forestry practices, and because Madeira boards are sourced from discarded remnants, very little waste is produced.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Madeira Price: USD 49.95

German Shepherd Cookie Cutter
Description: A batch of cookies fresh from the oven sweetens any occasionacelebrate year-round with fresh-baked treats for family and friends. Our collection of cookie cutters in a huge array of fun shapes and sizes is perfect for kidsa parties or after-school snacks, and helps create the perfect complement to ice cream and coffee. 5.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ann Clark Price: USD 1.25

All Purpose Cleaning Gloves
Description: The ultimate pair of rubber glovesanatural, 100% latex; antibacterial 100% cotton flock lining; patented cuff prevents liquids from running down the arm. Textured for a safe grip and tapered for a perfect fit. Made in Taiwan.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Casabella Price: USD 6.95

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