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J.K. Adams 1761 Round Cutting Board with Handle
Description: Carefully handcrafted in Dorset, Vermont, this attractive ash cutting board makes a striking, functional addition to any kitchen. Constructed from hard-wearing ash with a teak-oil finish, a properly cared for J.K. Adams board will endure a lifetime of use.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: J.K. Adams Price: USD 105.00

Schott ZwieselA Pure Full-Bodied White Wine Glass
Description: By replacing the lead in traditional crystal with titanium and zirconium, Schott Zwiesel has created the strongest, clearest, most brilliant crystal glass available. Patented Tritan crystal retains its clarity and luster for the life of the glass and resists chipping, scratching, and breakage. The Pure line offers a modern gourmet experience. The striking chimneys of these crystal glasses let wines breathe while underscoring even the most delicate of bouquets. Encompassing nine glasses for all of the major grape typesaas well as for whiskeys and drinksathis perfectly conceived set provides the ideal backdrop for all occasions and menus. With Pure, wine connoisseurs and talented novices can present their wines and cocktails in stunning style. Despite its delicate silhouette, each glass in the Pure collection is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.For more mature white wines you will want a full-bodied white wine glass. This is a taller, straighter glass and will allow the wine to dispense to the rear and sides of the tongue to better taste the bolder flavor. This glass designed for rich, oaky, full-bodied whites such as, Chardonnay, Bordeaux Blanc and GewA 1/4 rztraminer.Thinking of starting your wine glass collection and curious about which glass works best for you? One of our bloggers researched the subject. Click here to read her findings and which glasses she selected.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Schott Zwiesel Price: USD 14.00

BrevilleA Barista Express Espresso Machine
Description: Extract espresso and perfectly froth milk at the same timeaBrevilleas inventive system features a dedicated, temperature-adjustable espresso boiler for brewing a wide variety of beans and a dedicated steam boiler that offers instant and powerful steam-on-demand for cafA-quality frothed milk. The Barista Express includes an over-pressure valve that limits the 15-bar Italian pump throughout the extraction for smooth, rich espresso without bitterness. It also offers true low-pressure pre-infusion, which gently expands the grounds for even extraction. Easy-to-use controls, in-built conical burr grinder, and a wide range of user-friendly features allow you to customize the Barista Express to your liking, while the included shot clock and pressure gauge help you improve your barista skills. Includes a high-capacity water tank that swivels for easy refilling and a six-cup warming tray.This product is only available online. Available in black and cranberry.Manufacturer: BrevilleModel: BES870CBXLMaterial: Stainless steel, plasticCare: Hand wipe unit clean. Follow all cleaning instructions and descale regularlyDimensions: 16 14A 1/4 x 16Capacity: 85 fl. oz. water tankWeight: 37A 1/2 lb.Warranty: 1-year limited warrantyMade in ChinaFEATURESDedicated steam and espresso boilers allow you to texture milk and extract espresso at optimum temperatures simultaneouslySimple, easily adjustable controls for shot volume, temperature, and pre-infusion duration and powerAdjustable temperature is accurate to 2AF for optimal shot flavorA 15-bar pump with low pressure pre-infusion and over-pressure valve for even extractionEspresso pressure gauge, easy-to-operate steam lever and 360A swivel-action steam wand provides instant hot water for Americanos and pre-heating cupsAuto-start feature ensures machine is ready to brew when you areIntegrated and removable 58 mm tamper

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Breville Price: USD 599.95

Fagor 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set
Description: Reduce cooking time up to 70 percent, making it easy and energy efficient to prepare healthy meals. By heating rapidly in an airless environment with little water, foods are able to retain more nutrients while natural flavors are intensified. Meats, fish and chicken cook to tender perfection in minutes not hours, as do vegetables, soups, casserolesaeven cheesecake! Designed in Spain, Fagoras sleek Duo pressure cooker is constructed of durable 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum-encapsulated base for even heat distribution, and features two pressure settings, low (8psi) and high (15psi) . An automatic pressure-release position and a simple-to-use dial make it easy to regulate and release pressure. A helpful visual indicator lets you know when all pressure has been released from the pot. An exclusive triple-valve safety system with a safety lock on the handle prevents opening before all the pressure has been released. Two independent overpressure release valves ensure that excess pressure does not build up. Ergonomically designed handles make it easy to open and close the lid. Try these easy weeknight meals from Fagor: Click here >Are you a beginner in the world of pressure cooking? Click here for five tips on getting the best results from your cooker.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Fagor Price: USD 159.95

Messermeister Chefas Blade Guard
Description: This chef blade guard is the perfect way to store your knives for camping, travel, or anytime you are on the go! Whether your knives are stored in a drawer or knife bag, the edge guard will keep them safe and sharp. The guard also comes in a selection of cheerful colors and a wide variety of shapes to make this the ultimate edge guard for anyone who doesn't want to be without their favorite cutlery.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Messermeister Price: USD 7.50

Bob Kramer Essential Collection 10 Bread Knife
Description: Whether slicing a light, airy ciabatta, a dense, snappy sourdough or a crusty French baguette, this perfectly balanced and razor-sharp serrated bread knife breezes through work like an extension of your own hand.Designed by ABS-certified Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer, the Essential Collection features the quality, beauty and faultless performance characteristic of Kramer knivesaall in a package thatas easily accessible to home cooks. Influenced by traditional European designs, each knife in the Essential Collection has been optimized for kitchen use thanks to a wide blade for increased knuckle clearance, a rounded spine for comfort while using a pinch grip, and an ergonomic triple-riveted handle for secure, easy cutting. Revolutionary FC61 steel holds a screaming-sharp edge and is incredibly durable, while the brushed polymer handle, polished bolster and full-tang construction result in a perfectly balanced knife thatas a joy to use.Each Essential Collection knife draws on the enormous wealth of knife-making knowledge of Seki City, Japan, and undergoes a rigorous 100-step, 42-day manufacturing process during which it passes through the hands of 45 expert artisans. As a finishing touch, each knife receives a central mosaic pin handcrafted in Bob Krameras personal studio. Built to withstand the pressures of everyday use in busy kitchens, this is one knife that will be with you for years to come.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Kramer by Zwilling JA Henckels Price: USD 199.95

Zoku Storage Case
Description: Now that youave discovered the amazing Zoku Quick Pop Maker, youare probably ready for a great way to store and display your beautiful creations. This convenient storage case holds up to six pops in an airtight enclosure that preserves freshness. Remove the cover and you have a great way to display pops at the table. Your pops will look beautiful and will taste even better. BPA and phthalate free. Holds up to six pops. Hand wash.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Zoku Price: USD 19.95

King Arthur Flour Sparkling Sugar
Description: Your home-baked goods will be the best-dressed treats around with this vibrant sparkling sugar. Coarse-grained sugar is great for sprinkling over cakes, cookies, scones, muffins and more and comes in a wide-mouthed jar for easy scooping.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: King Arthur Flour Price: USD 5.00

CuisiproA 4-Sided Box Grater with Ginger Grater Base
Description: Cuisiproas new Surface Glide Technologya creates the ultimate grating experience. Razor-sharp etched graters are built with special grooved surfaces that create the perfect balance between ease of grating and maximum efficiency. Now cooks can grate more with less effort, and make quick work of even the hardest cheeses. Grateras non-slip comfort-grip handle and base provide better stability, and unit comes with calibrated, dry measuring unit marks on boxas sides. A removable ginger grater in the base shreds fresh ginger root while leaving unwanted fibers behind. Use the Fine side for citrus zest, Parmesan, garlic, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Coarse is great for most cheeses and vegetables. Ultra is designed for soft cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella. The Slicer side is perfect for slicing cucumbers, potatoes, and a variety of vegetables. BPA-free. 25-year warranty. 9A 1/4 H x 4A 1/2 L x 3A 1/2 W. Hand wash.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cuisipro Price: USD 35.00

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