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Metrokane Electric Corkscrew
Description: Great for dinner parties and larger gatherings, this handy electric corkscrew effortlessly and automatically removes cork after cork. Simply place the end against the bottle and the corkscrew automatically pulls the corkano buttons, levers or fussy controls. The built-in foil cutter ensures speedy opening of foil-covered bottles, and the corkscrew can remove 30 corks on a single charge. Unit includes a charging cord, so itas always ready to crack a bottle when you are.Click here for instructions on how to use the Metrokane electric corkscrew.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Metrokane Price: USD 49.95

KyoceraA Ceramic Utility Knife
Description: Kyoceraas worldafamous ceramic knife blades are crafted of exceptionally strong, yet lightweight zirconium oxide. Ground to microscopic precision and polished to perfection, this knife keeps its razorasharp edge much longer than other professional bladesaeven highacarbon steel. Germaresistant blade is impervious to acid, oil, and salt, so it wonat rust or brown foods. Perfectly balanced with ergonomic handle, offering precise control and reducing fatigue from repetitive cutting tasks. This versatile utility knife easily handles everything from slicing and dicing to peeling and mincing. 4A 1/2 blade. Hand wash. 5ayear warranty. Made in Japan.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Kyocera Price: USD 29.95

Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt
Description: Sea salts are combined with pure, natural flavor to create new and interesting seasonings for food and cooking. Fresh ingredients are infused without compromising the purity of the sea salt. A genuine treasure imported from Italy, Black Truffle utilizes the salt to intensify the aroma and complex flavors of this exquisite mushroom. Ideal with egg dishes, pasta, mashed potatoes, red meat and even on buttered popcorn.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Saltworks Price: USD 18.00

MadeiraA Paddle Board
Description: This beautiful board is one of our favorite new additions to our collection. Madeiraas paddle board is constructed of one of the most popular woods in the world because of its versatility, function and beautyaplantation teak. Commonly used in outdoor furniture, yachts and spa equipment, weather-resistant teak is also perfect for use in the kitchen. Teakas tight grains and natural coloration make it a highly attractive cutting board material, both for aesthetic and durability purposes. The natural oils in this tropical hardwood allow it to repel moisture, warping, and microbes. This cutting board originates from one of the largest teak plantations in the world, located in South America. The name aplantation teaka refers to the sustainability of this raw material, as it is farmed using responsible forestry practices. Not only is the wood sustainable, but Madeira has crafted this cutting board by utilizing the remnants from other teak products that are typically discarded in the manufacturing process. Thus, Madeira is almost completely eliminating any potential waste of this precious material. The beautiful, edge-grain teak board is perfect for entertaining, cheese platters, serving or chopping fruits and vegetables. Durable enough for everyday use, teak is also gentle on your knives.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Madeira Price: USD 19.95

Progressive PL8 Canning Funnel
Description: Canning foods can be messy, especially when making jam. Enter Progressiveas new canning funnel, which features a no-spill lip designed to fit securely over both wide-mouthed and standard jars. To help preserve a sterile canning environment, the outside of the funnel never comes into contact with the food being canned and features handy measurement markings that allow you to easily leave the right amount of air for a proper seal. Durable stainless steel interior wonat interact with foods and cleans up quickly in the dishwasher.Inspired by both culinary heritage and the needs of modern kitchens, Progressiveas new PL8 collection is designed to help cooks rediscover the joys of cooking from scratch. Combining nostalgic flair with top-shelf quality, the PL8 collection is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Progressive Price: USD 15.00

Miyabi Birchwood Slicer 9
Description: We traveled to Japan to develop this exclusive set of knives. Authentically Japanese in design, each knife has 101 layers of steel?50 layers clad on each side of the CRYODUR-hardened SG2 microcarbide steel core? forming a delicate Damascus pattern with 63 Rockwell.This slicer is ideal for even the crustiest of breads, thinly slicing meats and more. Each blade in the set is hand-honed using a traditional three-step honbazuke process. It's sharpened twice on whetstones with custom grits, followed by mirror polishing on a leather wheel.The genuine hamon edge, the visible line where flexible outer layers and incredibly hard core layer meet, is reminiscent of legendary Japanese swords in its scalpel-like sharpness and remarkable edge retention. A hamon edge is a sign of superior craftsmanship.The D-shape of the natural Masur birch handle creates a comfortable grip and provides tireless cutting even with frequent use. Handle features an intricate mosaic center pin, red detailing and engraved endcap. Hand wash. Sharpen with Miyabi sharpening stones. Limited lifetime warranty. 9. Made in Japan. Catalog, website and select stores.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Miyabi Price: USD 299.95

Wilton Red Cookie Icing
Description: Quick-setting, microwavable icing covers your cookies with a shiny finish, perfect for decorating with colorful Wilton Icing Write accents. Just heat and squeeze using the convenient, easy-to-use dispenser. Sets smooth in 45 minutes. Icing is certified kosher. 10 oz.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wilton Price: USD 5.95

BrevilleA Variable-Temperature Electric Kettle
Description: Get the temperature ideal for coffee or your favorite tea with the touch of a button. Five preset brewing temperatures include green tea, white tea, oolong tea, French press, and boil and black tea. The ahold temperaturea feature keeps water at the selected temperature for 20 minutes. A water-level indicator on each side allows easy viewing. Features safety shut-off, so it wonat boil dry, and removable scale filter. Brushed stainless steel construction is sturdy and looks modern. Large 60-oz. capacity. For use with water only.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Breville Price: USD 129.95

Ateco Rum Baba or Dariole Molds
Description: A culinary tradition back to the 17th century, baba is a rich cake made of leavened dough thatas mixed with raisins and steeped in rum or kirsch after baking. Made from durable stainless steel, the rum baba mold will help you bake this traditional favorite for years to come. Also great for molding frozen desserts, pAtA and soft cheeses. Dishwasher safe.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ateco Price: USD 7.00

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