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Fortessa Grand City Sauce Ladle
Description: Bring design and performance to the table. Heavy-gauge serveware is composed of polished stainless steel for good heft and balance. Ergonomic handles feel comfortable in your hand. Serve generous portions of sauces with this sauce ladle. High standards of production ensure long-lasting performance and durability. Dishwasher safe. Made in Indonesia.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Fortessa Price: USD 19.00

J.K. Adams French Tapered (Dowel) Rolling Pin
Description: A favorite of professional chefs, this rolling pin is designed for the artisan baker. Features the classic French handle-less design with tapered ends for easy grasping when rolling out pie, tart, cookie dough and more. Lightweight but durable solid-maple construction with smooth surface thatas highly resistant to scratching and splintering. Read Americaas Test Kitchenas rolling pin reviews

Store: Sur La Table Brand: J.K. Adams Price: USD 15.00

Victorinox Cut-Resistant Glove
Description: Protect your off-hand while cutting with this durable and easy-to-clean cut-resistant glove. Available in a range of sizes, each glove is constructed from incredibly strong Spectra fiber with an industrial-strength polyester cover for exceptional cut resistance. Gloves clean up easily in the washing machine. For use with straight blades only. Not for use with wavy, serrated or moving blades.CAUTION: Glove is cut-resistant, but is not cut-proof or point-puncture resistant. Always use care when handling sharp utensils.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army Price: USD 25.95

OXOA Ice Cream Spade
Description: Dish out your favorite butter-pecan ice cream or raspberry sherbet with ease. The flat, wide blade of the aluminum spade scoops ice cream efficiently, and cushioned, non-slip plastic handles make this sturdy ice cream tool comfortable and absorb pressure as you use them.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 11.00

Cento Anchovy Paste
Description: An umami-rich addition to almost any dish, anchovy paste imparts a piquant, salty flavor that enhances without overpowering. Try it in pasta puttanesca, add another layer of flavor to slow-simmered chili con carne, or blend it with mustard, lemon juice and olive oil to dress a Caesar salad. A product of Italy, Centoas anchovy paste is an all-natural mixture of ground anchovies and sunflower oil and comes in tube that makes dispensing and storing a snap.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cento Fine Foods Price: USD 3.95

de BuyerA Elastomoule Cube Grids
Description: Achieve professional results when creating your favorite baked goods, frozen desserts and confections. de Buyeras supple professional-grade Elastomoule is a specially patented silicone material that promotes the caramelization of batter to ensure flavorful and beautifully golden baked goods every time. Elastomoule silicone also provides superb heat transmission for even browning. Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe to -90AF and oven safe to 580AF. Made in France. Web exclusive: this product is only available online.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: de Buyer Price: USD 50.00

JuraA Clearyl Water Care Filter
Description: Great coffee starts with water purity. Use the Clear Water Care Filter to reduce water hardness and the frequency of having to decalcify. The filter helps remove impurities, giving you better-tasting coffee. Durable ABS plastic cartridge can be used with all Jura-Capresso automatic coffee machines (Z6, Z5, S9, J5, F8, F7, E9 and E8) . Made in Switzerland.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Jura Price: USD 25.00

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glass
Description: Featuring a sleek, understated design, these practical glasses are great for everyday use, yet elegant enough for special occasions. Durable tempered glass is lustrously clear and cleans up easily in the dishwasher. Available in three sizes.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Bormioli Rocco Price: USD 3.95

ScanpanA CTQ Nonstick Skillet
Description: Ideal for browning meats, flipping pancakes, searing tuna and more, this professional-grade skillet features Scanpanas incredible ceramic-titanium nonstick surface. Completely PFOA free, ceramic titanium nonstick is bonded directly to the pan so it doesnat blister, peel or scrape away, even when using metal utensils. Unlike other nonstick pans, Scanpan can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, and boasts exceptional food release for easy serving and cleanup. Enjoy fast and delicious weekday meals with these recipes perfect for Scanpanas cookware >

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Scanpan Price: USD 149.95

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