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Massage Therapy 3.5 in. Dia. Reflex Ball in Blue
Description: Set of 2. Ages 12 years and up. Very popular and a top seller. Designed for massage, reflexology, hand therapy, and relaxation exercises. Firmer than the Sensyball. Transparent and elegant. Makes a very nice gift for everyone. Made of heavy duty vinyl. 3.5 in. Dia. (1.00 lb.) . This various massage ball is great for a variety of massage techniques, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercises.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Gymnic Price: USD 40.30

Shoulder Massager
Description: Body-hugging design. Power drum massage. Five pre-programmed massage courses. Eight adjustable intensity levels. Relieve aches and stimulate blood flow in your neck, shoulders, back, waist and legs. Warranty: One year. Assembly required. 16.75 in. L x 9.25 in. W x 5 in. H (9.3 lbs.) .

Store: Walmart US Brand: Inner Balance Wellness Price: USD 92.21

Tabletop Air Powered Essential Oil Diffuser Vaporizer
Description: Clean, safe, and effective way of vaporizing essential oils. No hot ring or naked flame. Stream of air diffuses the essential oils, ensuring the purity of their fragrance. Help your clients to relax completely with this tabletop essential oil diffuser, a soothing addition to the spa or massage experience. The air powered diffuser is a clean, safe and effective way to vaporize essential oils, ensuring the aroma's purity as it scents the air in your room.

Store: Walmart US Brand: EarthLite Price: USD 110.10

2 Pc Neptune Pedestal Wet Table w 8-Head Shower Set
Description: Table:. Includes 1.25 in. vinyl-coated closed-cell foam pad. Sturdy H-base frame. Anodized aluminum pedestal. White powder-coat frame is rust and water resistant. Warranty: two years on structure (excludes foam and fabric) . Height range from 28 in. to 39 in. Working surface: 34.5 in. width for torso and 30.5 in. for legs. 76 in. L x 34.5 in. W x 28 in. H (200 lbs.) . 8-Head Shower:. Wall-mounted. Molded white acrylic control unit. 72 in. standard rainbar swings out of the way. Thermostatic mixing valve for accurate temperature control. 0.75 in. valves and supply lines for maximum water flow. Eight fixed showerheads that rotate for maximum coverage. Attractive, polished stainless-steel and chrome fittings. Designed so that water drains out of the system. Warranty: two years on structure (excludes foam and fabric) . Designed in conjunction with leading experts in the spa industry, the Neptune wet table is a seamless, molded-acrylic table which is perfect for hydrotherapy spa treatments. The table is contoured creating a wider torso section keeping client comfortable and allowing easier access to body for therapist. During treatments, a generous trough and drainpipe system that totally surrounds the work surface and keeps wash-off away from the client. The vinyl coated, closed-cell foam pad is comfortable, easily sanitized, and attractive.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Touch America Price: USD 7872.88

QuickLite Adjustable Folding Massage Chair
Description: 5-piece folding design. Incorporates deluxe Facespace II face support. Three seat-height positions. Three arm-height settings. Fully-adjustable seat height and chest pad. Height ranges from 38 in. to 48 in. Weight capacity: 325 lbs. Light-weight strength. Environment friendly. Warranty: 5 years. Made from welded, anodized and powder-coated aluminum frame. Scratch-resistant, baked charcoal color. Weight: 25 lbs. Technical Specifications. Set-up Instructions. Operational Manual - Facespace. Travel Bag Instructions (Optional) . The QuickLite is the most innovative and structurally stable massage chair available today, featuring a one-piece integrated design that can be adjusted without removing any parts. The chest cushion is fully contoured for greater comfort for both men and women. It boasts an exceptionally sturdy arm pad for serious work on the wrist and forearm. The seat, armrest, chest pillow, and head support are fully adjustable. It is designed to accommodate body types four to seven feet tall. If you need a portable therapy chair, this is the one.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Touch America Price: USD 455.00

Fitted Vinyl Massage Table Wet Sheet in Dark Blue
Description: Aphrodite battery table and wet spa bolster not included. Vinyl-coated. Closed-cell foam pad. Easily sanitized. Waterproof. Warranty: One year. 1.25 in. thick. Hanging: 73 in. L x 31 in. D x 9 in. H.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Touch America Price: USD 64.17

Wet Spa Water-Resistant Cylinder Massage Bolster in Dark Blue
Description: Water-resistant. Supple PVC fabric. Warranty: One year. 27 in. L x 6 in. W.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Touch America Price: USD 66.15

Basic Fleece Machine Washable Pad Set w Elastic Straps
Description: Adds 1 in. of extra comfort. Extends the life of your table top. Elastic corner straps prevents slipping. Machine washable and easy to dry. Fits most table brands. Will fit up to a 32 in. wide massage table. Extend the life of your massage table with this fleece pad set, designed to not only protect your table, but also to provide luxurious comfort for your clients. Elastic straps hold the table and head rest pads in place and prevent them from slipping. The set is machine washable and fits most massage table brands.

Store: Walmart US Brand: EarthLite Price: USD 48.78

Medi-Rub Foot Massager
Description: Promotes blood flow to the feet and calf - widely used for people with diabetes to improve circulation. Helps in the preventiion of leg cramps. Powerful 2 speed motor and it's maintenance free!

Store: Walmart US Brand: Medi-Rub Price: USD 299.95

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