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American Educational G-2170 Air Balancing Board
Description: Introducing a new and unique balancing board for play and rehabilitation- The board consists of a hard plastic surface with non-skid elevations in artificial rubber to give a good foothold- This surface is supported by a soft, inflatable base that regulates the hardness of the balancing board using air pressure- Low air pressure makes the board soft so that it moves slowly and thereby becomes less challenging for motor functions while high air pressure makes the board hard and lively which makes great demands on motor functions- For rehabilitation, the balancing board can continually be adapted to individual needs through adjustment of the air pressure- A standard ball pump (not included) is used to inflate the balancing board- American Educational Products have a lead ship time of 21 days- SKU: AMED4359

Store: Walmart US Brand: American Educational Products Price: USD 51.93

Everrich EVC-0074 30 ft. 4 Color Parachutes-24 Handles
Description: As one of the major manufactures of Physical Educational Sports Products for more than 20 years in Taiwan, we are very proud of ourselves for our quality products and excellent services which have already won us very good reputation and confidence from our global clients- We are specialized in Plastic Injection, Heat sealing, Stitching & Sewing, Tube bending & welding and Foam Items- And our products include Skipping Ropes, Hurdles, Safety Cones, Bean Bags, Parachutes, Tunnels, Educational Games, Storage Carts and many other items which are good for schools, day care and pets' market- Serving our customers to their fullest satisfaction is the target that we always do our every effort to achieve- We believe that we will be your reliable, responsible, long-term business partners and both of us will be able to create a more prosperous future together- As one of the major manufactures of Physical Educational Sports Products for more than 20 years, Everrich is very proud of themselves for their quality products and excellent services which have already won them very good reputation and confidence from their global clients- These deluxe parachutes feature 24 heavy duty built-in handles that reduces the stress on the fabric and lessens the chances of tearing- Cooperative play and movement exercises take on a whole new dimension with these parachutes! Made of multi-colored, rip-stop nylon fabric, they're sewn to last through the toughest play times- Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available- Satisfaction Ensured- Great Gift Idea- Dimensions: 30'- SKU: EVRR345

Store: Walmart US Brand: EverRich Price: USD 117.77

Champion Sport AB55 Alphabet Bean Bag Set Vinyl Assorted Colors 26 per Set
Description: Assortment: Random Assortment of Blue Red Yellow Green Orange Purple Black and Brown- Global Product Type: Playground/Gymnasium Sets- Material: Soft Vinyl Cover- Length: 5"- Width: 5"- SKU: AZRCSIAB55

Store: Walmart US Brand: Champion Sports Price: USD 39.65

Franklin Sports 14284 NHL Carpet Hockey
Description: 36IN x 25-5IN- Durable authentic hockey rink enclosure- (1) Knee hockey rink- (2) Mini hockey sticks- (1) Ultra fast carpet puck- Minor adult assembly required- Fun for ages 6+- Length: 34- Width: 5-87- Height: 1-87 SKU: FRNK1336

Store: Walmart US Brand: Franklin Sports Inc Price: USD 28.24

Bulk Buys KK018-134 Metal/Plastic and Wood Ping Pong Set - Case of 134
Description: Let the games begin- They will quickly when this set is added to the play items- Select from table tennis balls, paddles and even a net so play can begin anywhere- Set includes 10 pin pong nets, 60 ping pong paddles and 64 ping pong balls- Colors: white, green, red SKU: KOLIM27760

Store: Walmart US Brand: Bulk Buys Price: USD 135.20

Ecological Laboratories FPLUSGAL MICROBE-LIFT Flocculant Plus 1 gallon
Description: Flocculant Plus Water Clarifier- A proprietary formulation (polymeric blend) used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water- After use, particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pond and/or filter out through the filter system- Clears cloudy water- Safe for aquatic life and plants- Attracts suspended particles- Improves filtration SKU: SLCTS147

Store: Walmart US Brand: Ecological Laboratories Price: USD 40.40

Anjon Manufacturing LF170 LF170 170 GPH Little Frog Statuary Pump
Description: This magnetic drive pump is sturdy and efficient- The Little Frog Pumps are engineered for 24 hour continuous use- Little Frogs are perfect for small fountains and statuary or indoor water displays- The fountain kit (included in LF350 - LF950) allows you to choose 1 of 3 different fountain heads- Adjustable flow control makes your water display perfect- Contains no oil and is 100% fish safe- Available in a broad range of models, from 90 a 950 gallons per hour- Statuary Pumps (LF90 - 250) carry a 1 year warranty and Fountain and Pond Pumps (LF350-950) carry a 2 year warranty- Flow Control: Yes- Submersible: Yes- Watts: 14- Outlet Size: -5"- Cord Length: 12'- Gallons Per Hour 0': 200- Gallons Per Hour 1': 160- Gallons Per Hour 2': 130- Gallons Per Hour 3': 100- Gallons Per Hour 4': 50- SKU: ANJON162

Store: Walmart US Brand: Anjon Price: USD 22.95

K & H 8415 Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer 1500 W
Description: Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K Manufacturing is the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the country- We offer the greatest quality, innovation and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds- Each year K develops new and unique products to provide comfort for pets and appreciation by their owners- We know how much you care about your pets and how providing them with quality care products makes their life better- The new Farm Essentials line from K Manufacturing has reinvented the wheel when it comes to keeping fresh water available in the winter- Every K de-icer is safe in all stock tanks, unlike nearly all of the other de-icers available in the market today- No expensive shrouds or cages need be purchased either- Every one of our de-icers can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or in seconds converts to a submersible de-icer with the click of a button- In the past, all that was readily available were energy gulping 1000 watt to 1500 watt de-icers; Customers had no choice but to purchase these expensive to run de-icers, even when they didn-foott need it- We-footve solved this problem by creating a whole line of de-icers along with a convenient zone chart for consumers to choose the correct de-icer, every time- A free cord safety clip is also included with every de-icer- This ingenious clip secures the de-icer to the edge of the stock tank, bucket or container to help prevent chewing, cribbing or removal of the de-icer from the tank- When it comes to fresh water, K Farm Essentials is the choice that makes cents- All-in-One design- Floating or submersible- Safe for all stock tanks- Full cage included- Free cord clip included (keeps power cord away from animals reach) - Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 21- SKU: KHM280

Store: Walmart US Brand: K & H MFG Price: USD 41.83

Blue Wave NS504 21' x 41' Oval Magni-Clear Above Ground Solar Blankets
Description: Use Blue Wave new MagniClear solar blankets to heat your pool faster- Blue Wave blankets are laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, shielding your pool from cool winds and nighttime cooling- In addition, Blue Wave clear blankets allow more solar heat to reach the depths of your pool and heat it thoroughly- Blue Wave blankets are made of extrathick 12gauge material so they will outlast most other aboveground blankets on the market- SKU: SXBW1746

Store: Walmart US Brand: Blue Wave Price: USD 166.35

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