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Red Kap Uniforms Duck Snap On Hood HD20 ND
Description: Red Kap coveralls. Check. Red Kap Chore Coat. Check. Gloves, boots, socks. Check, check, check. You're ready to head out into that cold, dreary weather to get in a good day's work. But wait! We think you forgot something important - this Red Kap HD20 ND Navy Duck Snap-on Hood. You can't brave the elements without some head protection! Made from a 65% polyester 35% cotton 9-ounce duck blend, this navy Hood is the perfect addition to your cold weather gear. It's designed to snap on to Red Kap Coveralls (CD32) and Red Kap Chore Coats (JD24) for easy access to noggin protection. The heavy-duty duck blend fabric provides superior warmth and water-resistance so your day stays comfortable and dry. Drawstrings and adjustable toggles give you a great, secure fit for all day wear. Inside it's lined with 3.3-ounce nylon for a soft, easy feel.Warm, comfortable and protective, a Hood is an essential cold weather must-have. Put this Red Kap HD20 ND Navy Duck Snap-on Hood in your cart today and officially check off everything on your list.

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Red Kap Uniforms Price: USD 19.99

Bulwark Men's Charcoal QT32 CH Flame-Resistant iQ Long-Sleeve Shirt
Description: Uncomfortable, confining safety workwear is a thing of the past. No more feeling like you're trapped inside of your work clothing. You deserve all the comfort there is to offer and you can especially see that in this Bulwark Men's Charcoal QT32 CH Flame-Resistant iQ Long-Sleeve Work Shirt.Made with raglan sleeves, this Bulwark shirt is perfect for all that moving around you need to do while on the job. All that moving probably causes a bit of perspiration, so lucky for you, this flame-resistant shirt is moisture-wicking and will stop any moisture as soon as it begins. The concealed rib knit cuffs are even dyed to match the grey color of this men's workwear.The material of this long-sleeve shirt is flame-resistant and is made from 5.3-ounce 69% cotton, 25% polyester, and 6% polyoxadiazole. In other words, when you wear this FR shirt you'll be safe around those sparks that may fly or any flames you come across. The Bulwark shirt has an Arc rating of 8.2 calories/cm2 (HRC 2) , and it also meets NFPA 2112 standards for flame-resistant clothing. Styled with a rib-knit collar and a chest pocket on the left side with a pencil stall, this men's shirt is perfect for any workday. Contrasting thread and full side seam gussets give it a great look and feel. Stay safe and stay comfortable. Get this Bulwark Men's Charcoal QT32 CH Flame-Resistant iQ Long-Sleeve Grey Shirt today and see exactly what we're talking about. You will not be disappointed! Manufactured Sizes: Regular: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL Long: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Bulwark Price: USD 78.49

Description: You're home from work and before you even make it into the house, the wife is yelling about the dirt on your boots. So you're digging around in the closet for the Scrusher she bought you last Christmas to wipe the dirt and mud off. You pull it out, but it keeps sliding all over the tile floor and you almost fall down trying to get your boots cleaned off. Maybe this year you should ask for the Scrusher I4S Black Portable Steel Base for the Deluxe Scrusher. This base will keep your Deluxe Scrusher in place while you clean your boots off. No more bending over to hold it in place or balancing act trying to unclog your treads. This base of sturdy steel will not move. Plus, it is portable and lightweight enough to move outside, into a garage, or stow away in the closet after use. Use the Scrusher I4S Black Portable Steel Base for the Deluxe Scrusher regularly to keep your Deluxe Scrusher in place while you clean your shoes and boots. Your wife will thank you and when mama's happy, everybody's happy.

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Scrusher Price: USD 12.00

Georgia Boots Men's Brown G5655 Muddog EH Steel Toe Wellington Boots
Description: This might be the only pair of wellington boots that you see a design quite like this. These Georgia Men's Brown G5655 Muddog EH Steel Toe Wellington Boots are a guaranteed waterproof cowboy-styled work boot that features comfort and ruggedness for work in challenging conditions at a very affordable price. These Georgia Muddog boots feature Comfort Core technology that is specially-designed energy-return cushioned insoles that actually store energy when the weight of your foot compresses them, then releases that energy as you lift your foot. An airflow system has been developed and included in the Comfort Core Insole that is used with Georgia Boot's Suspension System Footwear. This adds dozens of tiny air holes that force air through the insole as you walk. So your feet stay cooler and drier longer. Cushion insole with the Comfort Core airflow system. There's also a steel shank that provides extra stability and support of your arches. The height of the full grain leather uppers is 12 inches. In addition to the uppers you will notice the TPU shell. This shell surrounds the bottom of your feet and is waterproof and protects these Georgia boots against abrasion. They also allow you to slop through muck and mud without worry that the leather uppers will be damaged.These steel toe Georgia boots feature durable steel toe caps that meet ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 safety ratings. In addition, these safety toe boots are also electrical hazard rated. The Phoenix rubber outsoles used for these Georgia Muddog boots provide outstanding resistance to abrasions, oil, chemical and heat. The outsoles are also exceedingly durable while allowing for exceptional flexibility and ease of movement. If youare looking for a high-quality pair of work boots these this is your pair. Get your Georgia Brown G5655 Muddog EH Steel Toe Men's Boots. With all that comfort technology, your feet will start thanking you soon.Manufactured Sizes: Medium: 8-12, 13 Wide: 8-12, 13

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Georgia Boots Price: USD 134.99

Description: You'll be cool in more ways than one while you're wearing the OccuNomix Mira Cool 952 03 Red Lightweight Cotton Hat. It's the perfect way to turn down the heat. This tie hat features water activated MiraCool cooling crystals. When immersed in water they activate to artificially regulate your body temperature and keep you cool no matter where you're working or playing. The lightweight cotton absorbs perspiration so you stay dry and comfortable and the sun and heat stays away from your head. With a trendy red design and tie-back style you'll look good the whole time. Don't let the heat get you down. Pick up the OccuNomix Mira Cool 952 03 Red Lightweight Cotton Hat today and stay cool and on the go.

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: OccuNomix Price: USD 7.00

Doc Martens Men's Brown Non-Slip R11822200 Air-Cushioned Work Boots
Description: Doc Martens have always been popular with the kids, but this is the working man's version of the classic favorite. Dr. Martens Men's R11822200 Aztec Crazy Horse Original Brown Boots are made with the classic look and construction of Doc Martens, in a tough, work-friendly design.Pull tabs at the back assist you in getting the men's boots on and off. Made with distressed crazy horse brown leather, the uppers are soft and flexible to fit comfortably around your feet. The leather has been treated with oil and waxes to provide durability and weather-resistance. It appears worn and distressed, giving it that natural look.Original Dr. Martens soles, air-cushioned and comfortable, are attached through Doc's classic construction. The good doctor has been using the classic soles since 1960 because they work. Treated for slip-resistance, the rugged soles give you traction even on wet flooring. Oil-resistance protects the tread from corrosive chemical agents. The soles of the slip-resistant boots are attached through repairable Goodyear Welt construction. The welt construction joins the uppers and soles together with stitches instead of glue. It's all heat-sealed together for added durability and weather-resistance, giving you a reliable pair of Doc Martens boots. Dr. Martens Men's R11822200 Aztec Crazyhorse Original Brown Boots definitely aren't for kids - they've been constructed with working men in mind.Sizes Manufactured: UK 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, 15Please make sure when ordering that you convert your USA size to UK. To convert, subtract one size for men and 2 sizes for women.Example:UK 7= Men's USA 8 Women's USA 9UK 8= Men's USA 9 Women's USA 10UK 9= Men's USA 10 Women's USA 11UK 10= Men's USA 11 Women's USA 12UK 11= Men's USA 12

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Doc Martens Price: USD 120.00

Arborwear Men's Navy 400240 303 Fleece Double Thick Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
Description: Stay warm outside without being bogged down by bulky clothing. How? By pulling on Arborwear Men's 400240-303 Navy Hooded Fleece Double Thick Sweatshirt. This go-to men's hoodie is extra thick for added coverage, and it's also designed to let you move freely. Arborwear knows that your best days are spent outside. The navy blue sweatshirt is a great choice when you want to stay active and comfortable in the great outdoors. Made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton fleece, this men's sweatshirt maintains its shape for a dependable fit even after multiple washings. The cotton fleece fabric is soft and breathable, for warmth that won't suffocate your skin. Gusseted armpits give you a more mobile range of movement. The snap closures at the neck of the Arborwear sweatshirt let you lock out the cold. They'll keep your neck and chin warm in cold temperatures. The hood is oversized to give you maximum coverage, and it can even fit over hard hats and helmets. You can use the vertical, recessed hand warmer pouch, which also prevents dirt and grime out of the pocket. Two layers of 12-ounce fabric and a comfortable design make Arborwear Men's 400240 303 Double Thick Navy Blue Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt a great answer to the call of the wild. Pull this soft, sweatshirt over your head and breathe in that fresh air. Sizes Manufactured: S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Arborwear Price: USD 79.95

DeWalt Safety Glasses
Description: Everyone knows the name DeWalt. You trust them with you tools, right? So why not give their eye protection a try? The name of this product says it all- The Protector DPG54 1D. There's no question about their purpose and their features are top notch. These shades are lightweight, weighing less than 1 ounce, so you'll hardy notice they're on your face. The sleek design adds a precise fit to their top performance. Rubber tip temples give you a firm, comfortable fit. The impact resistant lenses, made of polycarbonate, are distortion free, allowing your eyes to rest and remain calm and clear. The clear lenses provide full visibility of your work and full protection of your eyes. These safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ requirements and give you 99.9% UV protection when outdoors. This product will hold up under pressure and keep you protected. Are your eyes worth it? You bet they are! Get your Protector DPG54 1D today! For this low price you can order several and always have a pair handy!

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: DeWalt Safety Glasses Price: USD 3.00

Wrangler Men's Denim MS3127B Cowboy Cut Short Sleeve Western Shirt
Description: This Wrangler Men's Denim MS3127B Cowboy Cut Short Sleeve Western Work Shirt makes you feel like the cowboy you are! Rugged and like a cowboy, it will make it through even your toughest work days. This short sleeve shirt is made from 7.25 ounce 100 percent cotton in a indigo denim color. It has two authentic Western spade shaped pockets with snap closure for all the knick knacks you may find on your ride. The left pocket has a pencil slot and a Wranger loop tag. Both pockets have a Wrangler aWa logo stitch. Authentic Western front and back yokes keep you looking and feeling like a million-buckaroos! Wrangler Men's Denim MS3127B Short Sleeve Western Shirt is a great choice for any cowboy, cow poke, or buckaroo looking for a work shirt feels like the great ola west. This one really knows how to say, aHowdy Partner!a Please note larger sizes have higher prices.Manufactured Sizes: Regular: S, M, L, XL, 2XL Tall: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Big: 2XL, 3XL

Store: Working Person's Store Brand: Wrangler Price: USD 25.00

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