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Monbento monbento Silicase Silicone Mold, 3-in-1 Bento Boxes
Description: A perfect fit for your monbento Bento Box and more, this 3-in-1 silicone mold set makes a waste-free lunch fun, functional and attractive. Made of BPA-free, freezer, microwave- and dishwasher-safe silicone. You can even bake or freeze snacks in these reusable silicone containers! Approved for temperatures between -40 degrees and 464 degrees Fahrenheit. Largest silicone mold holds approximately 15 ounces; medium mold holds 10 ounces, and smallest mold holds about 5 ounces of food. Two inner silicone food cups nest neatly inside the larger silicone mold, so simply separate to use and contain individual snacks inside your lunchbox. Over 20 million disposable snack and sandwich bags are trashed each day-with a large majority of this waste coming from packed lunches. Ditch the disposable and you'll save more than a couple bucks with monbento's multi-purposed and stylish reusable alternative. 3-in-1 silicone mold and food cup set 2 removable food cups nest inside larger mold Approved temperature range: -40 degrees to 464 degrees Fahrenheit BPA-free and freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe

Store: reuseit Brand: Monbento Price: USD 12.95

Full Circle Full Circle Walnut Scrubber Sponge, 2 Pack Brushes, Sponges & Scouring Pads
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval Sustainably made replacement for traditional synthetic sponges and scrubbers Made from plant-based cellulose and upcycled walnut shells Abrasive won' t scratch most surfaces (but, please always test a small area first!) Proudly produced in North America Can be disinfected in the microwave top-rack dishwasher safe Full Circle's dual-sided walnut scrubber sponges are made from eco-friendly materials to be gentler on the environment than traditional synthetic sponges. Each scrubber features a walnut shell-based abrasive side for tough jobs, absorbent cellulose side for general cleaning. Easy on your cookware and the planet, effective on even the toughest jobs. Make them a part of your everyday green cleaning routine!

Store: reuseit Brand: Full Circle Price: USD 3.95

Full Circle Full Circle Reach Bottle Brush Brushes, Sponges & Scouring Pads
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of ApprovalCleans inside and outside of reusable water bottles, travel coffee mugs, baby bottles Made with recycled plastic and recycled stainless steel Ergonomic squeeze handle allows for easy grip, multipurpose interior/exterior use in cleaning Hang brush handle on faucet for easy drying, storage Quickly and easily clean your reusable water bottle with Full Circle's Reach Bottle Brush. Innovative curved shape cleans the inside and outside of the bottle in one go. Great for narrow or wide-mouth bottles of any material. Bristles made of recycled plastic. Named one of the 26" Designed Defined" honoree products at the 2010 International Home + Houseware for its quality and environmental-conscious design. - International Housewares Association *

Store: reuseit Brand: Full Circle Price: USD 5.95

Full Circle Full Circle Neat Nut Walnut Shell Scouring Pad, 3-pack Brushes, Sponges & Scouring Pads
Description: Full Circle's all-natural, durable cleaning pads clean up your dirtiest jobs-from dishes, to sinks, toilets, showers and more. Though it's well known that walnuts contain antioxidants, they also contain an organic scrubbing power! The perfect sustainable replacement for traditional synthetic sponges and scrubbers, Full Circle's reusable scouring pad set is made from walnut shells and recycled plastic. The good news? While these scouring pads are made from nut materials, you'll be able to safely use these multi-purpose scrubbers without having to worry about causing an allergic reaction. These walnut shell scrubbing pads are sustainably manufactured in North America, and come in a two pack, so you can feel good about purchasing and reusing these great scouring pads over and over again! To clean, simply toss Full Circle's natural cleaning scrubbers into your dishwasher. Though we're sure that these scrubbers will do a great job making your countertops spic and span, we recommend testing a small surface area prior to scrubbing. 3-pack reusable and all-natural scouring pads Made from walnut shells and recycled plastic Safe for use around people or children with nut allergies or sensitivities Manufactured in Canada

Store: reuseit Brand: Full Circle Price: USD 3.95

OXO OXO Flexible Neck Bottle Brush Brushes, Sponges & Scouring Pads
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval Brush has soft bristles for gentle cleaning & hard bristles for serious cleaning Soft, non-slip handle, even when wet Flexible neck BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free Top-rack dishwasher safe Word on the street is that OXO manufactures some of the best bottle brushes around and we have to agree! We like that this flexible neck bottle brush has soft bristles for a lighter scrub and some hard bristles for when you need a little extra muscle. Plus, we love the non-slip grip that comes in handy when your hands are wet and the flexible neck that lets you get to every nook and cranny! This bottle brush is perfect for cleaning reusable water bottles, baby bottles, glasses and more.

Store: reuseit Brand: OXO Price: USD 4.95

NatureZway NatureZway Bamboo Sponge, 2-pack Brushes, Sponges & Scouring Pads
Description: Choose the next generation of cleaning sponges with the NatureZway Bamboo Sponge. It's a super-strong set of 2 bamboo sponges that promises to last longer than traditional foam sponges. Plus, they're super-absorbent and ideal for dishes, stove tops, kitchen counters, bathrooms and more-they're made for both cleaning and drying. Safe on all surfaces! Unlike most sponges on the market, the NatureZway eco-friendly cleaning sponges are made from bamboo rayon and other plant-based materials. Best of all? You're not consuming the natural resources required to produce traditional sponges. Growing bamboo takes up less land space and uses less water than trees to grow. Plus, it requires zero pesticides to grow, reduces soil erosion and greenhouse gases by capturing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than trees or cotton. Give it a try! Bamboo cleaning sponges, set of 2 Super-absorbent and last longer than traditional sponges Made from plant-based materials Safe on all surfaces

Store: reuseit Brand: NatureZway Price: USD 2.25

RSVP International RSVP International Skrubby Cleaning Cloth, Set of 3 Cleaning Towels
Description: Get squeaky clean with the RSVP International Skrubby Cleaning Cloth. It's a set of three cleaning cloths that are made from recycled cotton materials with a safe nylon coating for added scrubbing power. The Skrubby Cloth is a responsible, eco-friendly alternative to cleaning using sponges and other scrubbers that don't last. Scrub pots and pans without damaging or scratching cookware: these cloths have strength and versatility for added cleaning power in your kitchen and throughout your home. Perfectly sized at about 7 inches by 5 inches, RSVP's scrubbing cloths make cleaning a breeze-they'll fold for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas or confined spaces while still fitting comfortably in your hand. Each Skrubby cloth features an eye-catching multi-color striped design and is machine-washable. Scrubby cleaning cloths, set of 3 Made of recycled cotton with a nylon coating Machine-washable

Store: reuseit Brand: RSVP International Price: USD 5.95

Full Circle Full Circle Tidy Dish Cloths, Set of 3 Cleaning Towels
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval 100% organic cotton Great replacement for paper towel Loops provide extra texture for light scrubbing Absorbent & durable Machine washable The dish cloth reinvented. Full Circle' s Tidy Dish Cloths combine modern design and earth-friendly organic cotton into fun, functional cleaning tools. Loop stitching adds texture for scrubbing and durability. Your dirty dishes and messy spills have never had it this good!

Store: reuseit Brand: Full Circle Price: USD 5.95

Bambooee Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towels, 20 Sheets Cleaning Towels
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval Replaces up to 6 months worth of disposable paper towel use - 20 Bambooee sheets = 60 Paper Towel Rolls! Bambooee cloths can be washed 100+ times before losing their integrity Comes on a handy roll for your paper roll dispenser 20 perforated, strong, absorbent & versatile towels per roll Made from 100% organic, sustainable bamboo source Stronger & more absorbent then disposable paper towels Machine washable " Bambooee was awarded the 2012 IHA Innovations Award for the cleaning category" - International Housewares Association Award Made from an organic and sustainable source, this reusable bamboo towel has all the convenience of a paper towel but significantly less waste.

Store: reuseit Brand: Bambooee Price: USD 15.95

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