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KVH TracPhone FB250
Description: The TracPhone FB250 is the perfect solution for owners of leisure yachts who desire or require the same Internet experience at sea that they enjoy at home and in the office. The compact, low-profile antenna will bring lightning-fast broadband connections and simultaneous, reliable telephone service to your boat at an affordable rate. Best of all, the systems compact design is easy to install and looks great on any boat. This system provides easy, global access to e-mail, Internet, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) , as well as telephone services, creating an "office at sea" that can travel with you wherever you go. With the TracPhone FB250, you will enjoy Internet and telephone connections just like the ones you have at home. By keeping your passengers and crew happy and connected to home, you are making an investment in your boat that will be valuable for years to.

Store: Overton's Brand: KVH Price: USD 13999.99

Aquaglide Challenge Circuit 1
Description: For maximum capacity in larger formats such as long course (50 meters) or waterfront use, the Aquaglide Challenge Circuit 1 is sure to bring smiles! This Challenge Circuit is a proven performer that offers room for up to 60 users at once. Throughout the course, 4 ultra low-profile SwimStep XL platforms allow for easy entry into the circuit. The Tango will bring out the bouncer in adults and kids alike, while the Delta offers an exciting way to splash around. The challenging Sierra presents several activity choices: climb, balance, wriggle, or splash, and have a blast doing them all! Interior mesh floors create two separate splash zones. Moving on to the Vista brings a whole new set of options. Users can explore the inner passages or traverse the top. The Foxtrot presents a significant balancing challenge with no guarantee of staying dry! And the Runway is great as a fun walk.

Store: Overton's Brand: Aquaglide Price: USD 13499.99

FLIR M-Series Maritime Night Vision Thermal Camera
Description: The M-Series gimbal redefines maritime multi-sensor system design, drawing on FLIRs 25 years of experience in building combat-proven airborne and maritime thermal imagers for militaries, Coast Guards, and governmental agencies around the world. M-Series Features: 320 x 240 thermal imaging, M-Series cameras provide four times the thermal resolution and more than twice the range performance compared to other systems. M-Series cameras let you see more - and see farther - than ever before. Even in the dead of night. Automatic window heaters keep both sets of optics free of ice to deliver crystal clear video. 2X e-zoom function gives the thermal camera best-in-class range performance. Mount gimbal ball-up or ball-down for added flexibility. Simple Ethernet connections make the system simple to install and easy to control. Proprietary image enhancement algorithms called Digital De.

Store: Overton's Brand: Flir Price: USD 12999.99

Aquaglide Supervolley Floating Volleyball Court With Supertramp 35 Trampoline
Description: Take your volleyball game from the beach to the water with the Aquaglide Supervolley Floating Volleyball Court. The Supervolley comes with the Supertramp 35 Water Trampoline and is designed exclusive for easy connection with the unique Aquaglide Interloc System. Imagine playing volleyball with the added bounce of the Supertramp 35. The Supervolley comes with a regulation sized volleyball thats tethered to the net with a 4mm bungee, so the pace is fast and fun without losing the volleyball in the water. Note: Volleyball court does not come with a swim step, runway, or splash mat. These items must be purchased separately in order to climb aboard the volleyball court. Supertramp 35 Water TrampolineAn amazing centerpiece to any aquapark, the Supertramp 35 combines two giant jump surfaces into one massive water trampoline and floating play court. Designed for years of trouble-free.

Store: Overton's Brand: Aquaglide Price: USD 10999.99

Aquaglide Challenge Track 1
Description: This Challenge Track 1 offers a progressive depth profile perfectly suited for the short course (25-yard) pool format. Boarding is easy thanks to the low-profile SwimStep XL platform. The exciting Tango is just begging for adults and kids alike to bounce. Next, the Sierra presents several fun activity options: climb, balance, wriggle, or splash. Interior mesh floors create two separate splash zones. Moving on to the Vista brings a whole new set of options. Users can explore the inner passages or traverse the top. Finally, the Zulu slide with a 5 ladder-style climbing wall provides an exciting end to the Challenge Track and fun way to enter the water once again. Interloc system allows you to quickly connect and disconnect all Aquaglide accessories. 29-person maximum capacity. 55 long. SwimStep XL: 60"L x 78"W x 6"HTango: 78"L x 78"W x 16"HSierra:.

Store: Overton's Brand: Aquaglide Price: USD 9399.99

Aquaglide Summit Express
Description: This giant commercial-grade play station combines three distinct play areas for unlimited entertainment possibilities. Climb, slide, bounce, and hit the monkey bars. Your kids wont find anything cooler on the water. Towering above the water, this 16 tall mountain appears insurmountable. Convenient climbing wall incorporates resting steps so even the younger ones can make it to the top. Once there, you can enjoy the view then take the plunge down the giant slide. The extra large cave offers even more room for bouncing, climbing, swinging, or just resting. 25.5L x 12W x 16H. DuratexCommercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material. Ideally suited for watersports, Duratex material is the finest commercial-grade reinforced PVC available. Each Aquaglide Platinum item uses Duratex material for maximum strength and durability. UV BlockMaterials specially treated for high resistance.

Store: Overton's Brand: Aquaglide Price: USD 8999.99

KVH TracVision TV6 Marine Satellite Television Antenna With Auto Skew And GPS
Description: With its IP-enabled TV-Hub, user-friendly interface, and single-cable installation, TracVision TV6 makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite television programming no matter where your seagoing adventures take you. This 60cm (24") marine satellite television antenna not only provides access to satellite television services worldwide, it supports multiple receivers so everyone onboard can watch what they want. Designed for an extended coverage area, this DVB-S2 compatible system is perfectly suited for boats heading offshore for short or long voyages. This versatile system supports DIRECTV U.S, DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. TracVision TV-Hub, a sleek IP-enabled below-decks unit with easy user interface that provides system information from any Wi-Fi mobile device or computer Exclusive RingFi.

Store: Overton's Brand: KVH Price: USD 8999.99

Furuno MFDBB NavNet 3D Black Box Processor with Control Unit
Description: This package includes the NavNet 3D Black Box Processor and the NavNet 3D Black Box Control Unit. This processor is the central part of the NavNet 3D Navigation System, which simplifies the process of integrating your instruments and allows you to see the built-in charts in 3D all the time, switching between a 2D aerial view and other adjustable 3D viewing points. MFDBB Black Box Processor: 16.2"H x 17"WMapping Features: Pre-loaded NOAA chart library for the coastal US with Alaska and Hawaii TimeZero technology for near instant chart redraw Always displays cartography is 3D charts that let you view 2D top-down images or pan and zoom at any angle and any range scale you wish Satellite PhotoFusion lets you overlay satellite photography with raster or vector charts Store over 2,000 waypoints,12,000 track points, 200 routes, and 100 points per route Smooth chart scalin.

Store: Overton's Brand: Furuno Price: USD 8699.99

Aquaglide Jungle Joe II
Description: This incredible, towering climbing structure includes a slide for an amazing amount of fun. Pyramidal walls provide a safe, yet formidable climbing challenge. Interior mesh floors create splash zones and multi-level terraces for exploration. Completely designed for high-use customers at commercial operations. Can interconnect with all Platinum inflatable products to create your own waterpark setup. Accommodates up to 10 users. Climbing pyramid measures 12L x 12W x 12H. Overall: 21.6L x 15W x 12H. Weighs 265 lbs. Climb to the top for a true sense of accomplishment! Slide for the true waterpark experience! Soak in the unique soaker area. Perfect for younger children or as a secluded getaway. Jungle Joe II Features Duratex Commercial-Grade Reinforced PVC Material 1000D fabric fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC Hot air-welded seams for outstanding durability Specially treated for high r.

Store: Overton's Brand: Aquaglide Price: USD 7999.99

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